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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Coming Soon . . . The Funk and Filth Hall of Fame 2011

From 1st December Funk and Filth will be counting down the funkiest fellas and filthiest fiends in music.

Like some sort of magical musical advent calendar, each day up to Christmas we will open one Funky door, and one Filthy door, and see who lies behind - dishing out loads of free music along the way - all the way up to Christmas Day, when we will reveal who has won the big daddy of all music awards! The number one spot on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame.

Watch this space.


Friday, 25 November 2011

Tonight I discovered Philly Blunt

A very quick post to introduce Philly Blunt, I'm clearly off the pace on this guy having only just discovered him.
After a few bars of this remix of Promises by Nero I knew it was going to do something naughty . . . . and it didn't disappoint!

Free Download

Nero - Promises (Philly Blunt remix) by Philly Blunt

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Free Music Incoming . . . courtesy of Krafty Kuts

Let's get kick-started, and start as we mean to go on . . . by giving you instant access to some of the best music, from the funkiest fools and filthiest fellas. And, as with most of the music you'll find here, it is free to download, chuck it on your phone, play it in your car, do whatever, spread the funk!

Starting here with Mr Krafty Kuts! His Fresh Kuts mix series has had us bouncing around for over a year now, containing some absolute thumpers as well as the famed Krafty Kuts Re-rubs of everything from Duck Sauce to Tori Amos (yes, Tori Amos, he did that!) and a whole load of others. Looking to the future, the launch party for the new Let's Ride album (and anyone who was there at Cable earlier this month will testify it was an absolutely mental night) hints at great things to come from Mr Kuts.

Anyway, enough talking, help yourself to Volumes 1 - 4 of Fresh Kuts via the link below . . . providing you with 4 of your recommended 5 pieces of funk for today! :D

Welcome to the Funk and Filth Blog

So, the Funk and Filth online family has spawned another offspring!

Behold, the blog is born!!

Not only can you get your Funk and Filth fix on

but you can delve even deeper with the Funk and Filth blog . . . . watch this space!