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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Filth #1 - Datsik & Excision

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #1 - Datsik & Excision

Those of you who checked out yesterday's #2 filth spot on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame must have surely thought it couldn't possibly get any filthier. Well, it does. And here it is.
Datsik and Excision are both from Kelowna in Canada, a place I've never been to, but there must certianly be something in the water there, it's the only way to explain the absolute wrongness that these two create in the studio and on the decks.

When these two collide they create the stuff that musical nightmares are created of (the good sort!) and leave bass cannons all across the globe either trembling in their wake, or melted in puddles on the floor. Check out 'Swagga' below, which was one of the first tunes that highlighted their skills to me, and also download 'Invaders' for free, another masterpiece that they have collaborated on! Loads more free downloads below too, including some of their solo works, as whilst these guys have been included together here, they are just as well known individually!

Download some free treats below, and have a ridiculously filthy Christmas everyone!


Funk #1 - Krafty Kuts

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #1 - Krafty Kuts

Without a doubt, the funkiest man, on the planet! Flagship dude of the Finger Lickin stable, and instigator of Instant Vibes, the man throws out his own tracks, cuts up and re-rubs others into masterpieces and delivers sets that it is impossible to stay motionless to! Born Martin Reeves, much like Eric eating a banana to become Bananaman, Martin becomes Krafty Kuts as soon as he comes within 100 yards of the decks . . . winning prizes and awards and thrashing dancefloors across the planet, his Breakspoll awards this year alone indicating a man at the top of his game:

• Breakspoll Top 50 DJ's - Voted No1 - 2011

• Breakspoll Top 50 Producers - Voted No3 - 2011

• Breakspoll Best DJ 2004/2005/2007/2010/2011

• Breakspoll Outsanding Contribution 2007/2011

But all of these pale into insignificance now he has won the big one, claimed the main prize and become the body moving, record grooving, Funk and Filth Hall of Fame 2011 Funkiest Man on the Planet!! Big hugz Krafty!

Free music galore below!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Filth #2 - Tony Anthem & Axl Ender

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #2 - Tony Anthem & Axl Ender

Sick bags at the ready . . . It's all about to get a bit wrong!
Tony Anthem and Axl Ender make music so filthy that it should come with a warning on it. For example, every time their track 'Ghosts' is played, somewhere in the world a kitten dies. Fact.
All jokes aside, this is not for the feint-hearted. Download the free mix below, Dub Monkey Volume 2, and hold on to something. I'm listening to it as I write this: imagine putting a whole lemon in your mouth and chewing, but someone has filled the lemon with rusty nails!
Now, here comes the science: Tony and Axl are both Norwegian (the first Norwegians on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame countdown I believe). Like many curent filth-mongers Tony Anthem cut his teeth in drum and bass (as part of Future Prophecies) before cranking down the BPM and cranking up the dirt. Axl Ender on the other hand made his way into this sort of music via sound production for film and TV . . . and when these two complimentary skills combine, the pair can generate some monumental tracks.
Once you've downloaded the free mix, and had time to recover, listen to 'Ghosts' also below, but make sure no-one you know has just bought a kitten!


Funk #2 - Deekline

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #2 - Deekline

Mr 'Kline can dish out funk as well as filth in equal measures, but it is for his consistent contributions in the field of funk that he has gained the number 2 spot in this year's Hall of Fame! My lasting memory of Deekline from 2011 will be standing underneath the giant fire-breathing spider at Arcadia at Glastonbury, wearing a ladies fur coat (long story) and having an MC battle with a guy called Leon from Bristol. Oh Leon, how I miss you. Anyway, back to Deekline! It's amazing to believe the same guy who had me throwing it down on the dancefloor to 'I Don't Smoke' more than 10 years ago, is still churning out booty bass and breaks that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Check out a whole load of free downloads below (the Water Park mix is magic!), and hot off the press check out his insanely funky 'Paella' remixes. Deekline, I salute you, long live Deekline.


Friday, 23 December 2011

Filth #3 - Skrillex

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #3 - Skrillex

Check the more recent Skrillex post in the new Funk and Filth Hall of Fame!

There's no denying it, Skrillex is a phenomenon. 2011 seems to have been the year where he has truly exploded, and never has an individual's brand of music been so instantly recognizable, gained such widespread and diverse support and yet still remained cutting-edge and fresh! He cannot be accused of churning out the same thing time after time, but you still always know a Skrillex tune when you hear one. He has a fair bit to show for his work over the last year, 5 Grammy Award nominations, yes FIVE (Best New Artist, Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronica Album, Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical and Best Short Form Music Video), the only artists to pick up more are Adele, Kanye West and the Foo Fighters!.

Some may accuse him of "commercializing" their beloved dubstep and making it too wide-spread, but this is going to be innevitable when you make good music! Dubstep will undoubtedly have it's day, and when it has been and gone the true lovers will remain, whilst the fickle will move onto whatever the next big thing is! All this aside, Skrillex is pure, lowdown, undeniable filth of the highest calibre!
I saw him at Bestival this year and, even though we were towards the back of the arena, his set still felt like it was rumbling every bone in my body and the whole place seemed to be a giant mosh pit. Great stuff, worthy Funk and Filth Hall of Fame Top 3! Check out the mind-blowing video for his track 'First of the Year' below, and then grab some free downloads of some Skrillex monsters remixed by Funk and Filth favourites REL1 and Freakmasterz.


Funk #3 - Keith MacKenzie

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #3 - Keith MacKenzie

Keith MacKenzie is one ridiculously funky guy, and an absolute daddy on the other side of the Atlantic.
His tunes, remixes and sets have been ripping up the breaks scene in Florida and beyond for some time now, and his international reputation is up there with the very best, also being the instrumental force behind Illeven Eleven Records. Big rumbling basslines, tight beats and exhilarating vocals are the main ingredients in his tracks and mixes, and it is damn tasty. His set at Matter in London a couple of years back nearly destroyed me!
Check out a couple of free tunes below, and definitely download the free Illeven Eleven Mix Tap Vol 2 which he has done with frequent partner in crime DJ Fixx . . . it is one of the funkiest things you will ever hear!


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Filth #4 - Figure

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #4 - Figure

Figure makes Monsters. No, really, he makes MONSTERS. Not only does he have track titles like 'Werewolf', 'Zombies' etc . . . but all of them are full of absolutely beastly basslines! Not for the feint-hearted, his dubstep and drumstep style thumps bass from the beginning to the end, and they are a real onslaught on the ears. Lovely stuff though! Figure, real name Josh Gard, first came to my attention when I heard 'Red Raider', a massive, nasty, awesome tune with the signature Figure filth right through it, and every tune I have heard then has blown me away. He offers most of his tunes for free as well, or for voluntary donation, or payment as contribution to charity . . . . so behind the big mean filthy Figure he's a good guy as well!


Funk #4 - A.Skillz

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #4 - A.Skillz

Well, what can I say about A.Skillz. What a year. Sets and mixes that justify the very existence of the internet, performances that make blind men see and cripples walk, and remixes that are so damn funky that sometimes you just want to cry.
I've lost count how many times I've seen the guy play in the last year, but one thing you can guarantee . . . everyone, and I mean everyone! will be dancing their socks off! On top of his performances A.Skillz (Adam Mills) has also realeased genuine contenders for the best mix of the year (Beats Working Vol1) and remix of the year (California Soul), both of which you can download for free below. Do this now. Now. Download them now. Now. This is non-negotiable.
He is also the label owner and driving force behind new electro soul label Jam City so, bundling all this together we can expect (and hope) for a very busy 2012 from now officially the 4th funkiest man currently alive on this planet.


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Filth #5 - 12th Planet & Flinch

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #5 - 12th Planet & Flinch

Our transatlantic cousins certianly know how to make top of the range filth, and it doesn't come much dirtier than 12th Planet & Flinch (John Dadzie and Adam Glassco).
Like many others they started out producing drum and bass and have since ridden the wave of dubstep that has spread across the world, and are now firmly established amongst the dubstep dons of Los Angeles.
It was their ear-smashing remix of 'Fibreoptic' by Echo Park that first drew my attention to these guys and, having tracked down a load more of their tunes I can confirm that the insistent, rumbling, intimidating bass is a staple in their diet! Not by any means joined at the hip, these guys venture off individually and have produced and remixed some absolute monsters without each other's involvement, but it is when the two collide that the truly devastating noises emerge! Check out a selection of their free downloads below and see if you agree.




Funk #5 - DJ Fresh

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #5 - DJ Fresh

Not only have I been around long enough to remember when DJ Fresh was churning out naughty naughty music like 'Floodlight', but I even remember days when tunes like "The Nine" by Fresh's first ensemble Bad Company were what was spinning on the decks at house parties and raves at places like The Sanctuary . . . .ahh, the good old days! Never would I have thought back then that Fresh, a.k.a. Daniel Stein, would go on to have top 10 hits in the "normal" music charts and provide the soundtrack for a lovely happy Lucozade advert. But this burst of success has, it would seem, been relatevely recent and sudden, and seems to have been marked by a change in genre, moving away from the filth of drum and bass, and into the relatively funky feel of the genre-mashing breaks/dubsteppy type sound he is now working with. See below for a selection of his life's works, arranged in a vaguely chronological order, which charts the progress of one of the biggest names in dance music at the moment. More to come in 2012 no doubt!


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Filth #6 - Afghan Headspin

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #6 - Afghan Headspin

Formed when Wrisk and Mackie decided that Drum and Bass was the past and left Resonant Evil behind as they headed off on a bright future in the world of Breaks. The filthy, dirty sort of breaks!
"No holds barred filth" is how they describe their sound, and they ain't lying! Their tunes and remixes may actually leave some of you feeling a bit ill, but for those of you with stronger stomachs these boys can put on an absolutely thumping set! So download a couple of free mixes below, go to your padded room, elbow pads on, gum shield in and pray that someone is watching over you when crank this stuff up. This is next level filth! The Autumn 2011 Minimix is particularly ridiculous!


Funk #6 - REL1

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #6 - REL1

Real name: Jesse Brewer.
From: Atalanta, Georgia.
Funk Factor: Off the scale!

With a compendium of re-rubs and re-licks longer than a festival toilet queue, REL1 is like a transatlanic answer to Krafty Kuts. His beats are insanely funky and you can guarantee that a remix by this guy will always add an extra layer of funk to any tune, even those that you might think are perfect already!
The only problem I see is that Jesse offers so many free downloads via his Soundcloud, that I'm having a hard time picking my favourites to share with you . . . they are all brilliant! Anyway, after much deliberation I've decided on the selection below. Download them all for free and then you will see why this character is featuring so high on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - well deserved for consistent levels of tastiness!


Monday, 19 December 2011

Filth #7 - Freakmasterz

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #7 - Freakmasterz

OK, so, yet another guy who reveals very little about himself! I know he is Spanish. I think he is called Armando. And I am 100% certain that he can remix absolutely anything and make it high tempo, full-on, drumstep filth!
From the crazyness of his beats and the pure dirt of his bass, it sounds as if his studio is located inside the mind of an escaped and violent mental patient who has eaten far too many 'special' mushrooms and woken up in a seriously bad mood! (This is a good thing by the way).
Check out what he has done below to Noisia's remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex (Note: conjoured up in the mind of Skrillex, and already re-filthed by Noisia!). Given the names already involved on this track you would be forgiven for thinking that this tune couldn't possibly be made any filthier . . . but you would be wrong! Freakmasterz adds an additional layer of nastiness that would not normally be humanly possible! And it certainly wasn't a fluke, he can do it to any tune! Check out a couple more of his free downloads below!


Funk #7 - Tim Healey

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #7 - Tim Healey

Tim Healey's list of releases over the last few years reads like an entry into the 'How Many Amazing Tunes Can One Guy Possibly Be Involved In' competition. The Brighton-based DJ/Producer has some seriously awesome friends in the music business, which has lead him to produce and remix tunes alongside the likes of Deekline, Tomcraft, DJ Assault, Felguk, TAI, Calvertron, Krafty Kuts . . . the list goes on., and as part of 'Coburn' with partner in crime Pete Martin, Tim is also responsible for creating one of the anthems of recent history: We Interrupt This Programme (the remix by fellow #fandfHOF fellas Datadex is the best version in my opinion!). I can probably let his tunes do much of the talking in this instance, as you will see from the array of basslines below, the way he can make breaks as well as more house style beats sound equally as funky is something that makes TIm Healey's style completely unique in this countdown! There is a selection of his mixes available for free download below as well = magic stuff.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Filth #8 - Hironimus Bosch

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #8 - Hironimus Bosch

Hironimus Bosch seems to be another guy on our Hall of Fame who likes to play his cards close to his chest and, other than that he comes from Bristol, I don't really know much more about this guy . . . Oh, apart from the fact that he makes pure, unadulterated filth of the most elbow-chewing quality!
Growling bassline? Check.
Choppy snare breaks? Check.
Now just grab the biggest speakers you can find and annihilate yourself with this stuff!
Breakin' Ruff and MAD Breakin' are two of his stand-out tracks from the last 12 months. You can check them out individually below, and then download them as part of the free mix that HB did for Brap FM earlier in the year. Suggest skipping past the first 10 minutes, then the proper filth starts! ;)


Funk #8 - Snatch The Wax DJs

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #8 - Snatch The Wax DJs

I stumbled upon Snatch The Wax in a drunken post-breakfast stupour at Boardmasters ealier this year, and their set immediately became a contender for best festival set of the year! Whilst a lot of DJs might see a lunchtime set time as a chance to play something a bit more chilled, or experiment with introducing some new material to their set to see how it goes, these guys had clearly turned up with the mindset that, regardless of time, place and any sort of conformity, they were going to smash the granny out of Boardmasters! And it certainly got that clifftop rocking again. A couple of months later and they're doing exactly the same thing at Freeze Festival in Battersea. I expect 2012 to be the year when these Cornwall boys really take off. So sample their work in the neck-breakingly funky mix below (free download) and then keep your eyes peeled for them next year. Remember the name: Snatch The Wax DJs.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Filth #9 - Noisia

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #9 - Noisia

Low down, dirty, filthy, rumbly, yummy goodness. That's Noisia. I remember them originally as drum and bass producers, but like many others they have adapted theirs style to create equally awesome breaks, dubstep, drumstep and much more. The dutch trio of Nik Roos, Thijs de Vlieger and Martijn van Sonderen, have not only been producing top quality, cross-genre filth for almost a decade, but have also been instrumental in setting up and running not one, not two, but three record labels (Vision, Division and Invisible Records) and have also seen a lot of their work transfer over into video game soundtracks . . . their track 'Groundhog' was the hardest one to beat on the original DJ Hero game!
Favourite Noisia track has to be Alpha Centauri, from their Split The Atom EP, which is the opening track in the minimix that the boys did for the legendary Annie Nightingale, which is available for you to download for free by clicking HERE.


Funk #9 - The Freestylers

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #9 - The Freestylers

The Freestylers have maintained consistent levels of awesome for as long as I can remember. The earliest memory of seeing them live was Global Gathering in 2005 (I think!) where they spanked out 'Get A Life' in the Air tent in front of a crowd going absolutely mental! They bring a proper energy to their performances, so if you get a chance to see them when they are in your neck of the woods, Don't. Miss. Out!
The string of tunes over the years is simply immense, and it is only now that I am sitting here thinking about them all that I realise the true brilliance of their back catalogue. Tracks such as: Electrified, Get A Life, Push Up, Painkiller, This City, Fasten Your Seatbelt, Cracks (especially the CTRL-Z Remix, which has been consistently ripping up sets over the last couple of years), Say Yes (check the Ben and Lex remix in an earlier #fandfHOF post!), the list goes on and is a testament to the credentials of these guys . . . Let's hope for more to come in 2012!
Have a lsiten to 'Electrified' below, which is probably one of their funkiest ever tunes and still awesome several years on. There are also one or two pretty good remixes of this track doing the rounds which are worth a listen.
Then I would strongly suggest download the two free mixes below! The 'Best Of' Megamix showcases most of their greatest tracks (the last 5 minutes contains the bestest bits!) and their 'not very Christmassy December Mix' is bang up to date with some absolute monsters from Mord Fustang, Porter robinson, DJ Fresh, Nero and loads more. Both mixes are awesome!


Friday, 16 December 2011

Filth #10 - Elite Force

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #10 - Elite Force

Elite Force is a personal favourite. Warehouse Don, Master of the Re:Vamp, and skipper aboard the naughtiest boat party I can (barely) remember going on . . . 2011 has been a year of special performances from The Force, including an absolutely ear-bleeding set at Cable in November. He is the current holder of the Breakspoll Best Producer crown, but that award must surely dwindle into obscurity since he now finds himself in the top 10 of the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame! ;)
If, for some inexplicable reason, his filth credentials were ever to be called into question, you might do well to guide the doubters in the direction of his revamps of Kick Snare and MJ Cole's Sincere (rolling bassy loveliness!), which you can find below. A whole load of his Re:Vamps are available for free download from, or check out a batch of his DJ sets below which are also all available to download for free, the July Boat Party Mix is an obvious favourite!


Funk #10 - DJ Yoda

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #10 - DJ Yoda

Anyone who has ever been to see Yoda play will surely agree with the statement that he is pretty damn special. He is always a must-see if his name appears on a festival line-up, and this must be in part to the extra dimension he has added to his sets with his cutting edge visuals. Scratching, cutting, pasting, sampling . . . yeah most DJs do that with sounds, but Yoda ups the ante by doing it with the visuals as well, which adds to his already monumentally funky sets in a way that makes sure the crowd are enthralled. Duncan Beiny, as this little green man was named at birth, can now add a Top 10 position in the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame to his long list of accolades (Q Magazine's "one of the ten DJs to see before you die", voted "one of the top 3 DJs in the world" by Hip Hop Connection, member of the judging panel for the DMC DJ World Finals), and I am sure that this is the one that will mean the most to him!
He can also turn out a pretty tasy remix, so check out his version of Bonkers below, and take a look at him messing with The A Team in his own Yoda way! And please, please, definitely check him out live if he is playing a set anywhere near you soon!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Filth #11 - Pretty Lights

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #11 - Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights is like a vision into the future. Also known as Derek Vincent Smith from the U.S., he is carving out what appears to be a brand new niche at the forefront of the dubstep/glitch scene, with some extraordinarily bouncy, choppy beats, rolling away on top of some epic bass work. . . . and, to top it all off, he offers pretty much all of his music for free (or voluntary donation) at . . . and there is some pretty special stuff on offer! 'I Know The Truth' is a clear favourite amongst his array of awesome, which is the track bedded underneath the recent interview with the man himself which you can see below. Other highlights include 'Still Night' and 'Forever Lost' but, basically, the whole lot comes highly recommended!


Funk #11 - Opiuo

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #11 - Opiuo

To be honest, I don't think I can actually explain Opiuo's sound any better than the man himself does on his Facebook profile, so here it is: "Imagine a precisely blended concoction of tight irresistible grooves, chunk fueled bouncy beats, luscious brooding soundscapes, dollops of stomach morphing bass, and a bowl of scrumptious glitch. Welcome to the musical world of Opiuo" . . . sums it up pretty much perfectly I think!
His sound is an irresistable addictive bundle of glitch fun, and as his charting under several different genres on the Beatport charts suggests, you can listen to Opiuo in all sorts of circumstance. Want to get ready to party? Want to party hard? Want to chill out? He's got a mix or a remix for all occasions, and it is ridiculously funky stufff. Check out the Any Sound Mini Mix from this Kiwi fella, which is available for free download below, and if you are't bouncing straight away then you may want to consult your doctor!


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Jem Panufnik : A Funking Brilliant Artist

Jem Panufnik who, along with fellow Soul of Man compadre Justin Rushmore, founded Finger Lickin Records back in the late 90s, is an artist in more than one sense of the word.
As part of Soul of Man Jem has contributed some absolute bangers to the world of breaks and funk. I'm thinking about tracks like 'Sukdat' and 'Between The Eyes' . . . proper lovely funky goodness.
And the label that he created has acted as a springboard for a plethora of breaks and funk talent and really catapulted this awesome music into the position it is now.
But, musical epicness aside for a moment, it is his other field of artistry that I want to concentrate on for a bit here.
Jem has wielded his paintbrush many a time in the life of Finger Lickin' Records, and created not only the freakishly brilliant record sleeve designs, but also helped create the whole aura that surrounds Finger Lickin's and it's output.
I cast my mind back to last Saturday when, waking from 4 hours uncomfortable kip on a mate's sofa after throwing some shapes to a Mr A.Skillz until the wee hours, I decided to head down to Richmond to check out the exhibition of Jem's work - titled 'Riverside Robo Attack'.
There were some absolute jems (get it!? . . sorry, couldn't resist) on display, and not only the art itself to admire, but a hung-over meander down a musical memory lane as well. Record sleeves from tunes that had (inexplicably) fallen off recent playlists stared back at me from the walls, resplendent in their finger lickin' glory.

The Drummatic Twins, A.Skillz, Soul of Man, Slyde, as well some original artwork from Jem that didn't make it to record covers or poster artwork.

His work is awesome on the eye and even better on the memory. I thoroughly recommend you get down to The Riverside Gallery in the Old Town Hall, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, TW9 1TP and check the exhibition out. It is on now, and runs up until 14th Jan 2012. Entry is free, and pretty much all of what you see is available for you to buy.

If you can't make it down to Richmond, then head on over to where you can get a taste of his work without leaving your home.
It's also well worth your while checking out some Soul of Man music below, as it is, basically, flipping quality. Enjoy.

Filth #12 - Pyramid

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #12 - Pyramid

We heard from their Funkatech friends yesterday, and here they are, one spot ahead of Specimen A on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame . . . Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Pyramid!
Made up of Nicky D'Silva (originally CTRL-Z in the awesome duo CTRL-Z and Screwface) and Scott Maclean. The two have moved on from their originally breaks-focussed roots to churn out 140BPM filth, putting together some great original tracks and some absolutely thumping remixes. It was 'Wickedest Combination' along with drum and bass legend IC3 which orginally drew my attention to these boys, with that funky as hell intro and massive rolling bassline, it was a sign of big things to come! This was followed by their Elements mixes, which still sound awesome a year or two down the line, and well worth a free download from the list below. The remix of Heaven by Emeli Sande also comes highly recommended! Help yourself, cheers Pyramid.


Funk #12 - Vent

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #12 - Vent

Vent, their regular human names being Sam Ashwell and Dan Havers, like to span the worlds of both funk, and also filth, and can be heard spinning dubstep, breaks, glitch, all sorts. They are therefore hard to pigeonhole, but I've added them to the Funk side of our hall of fame purely for their absolutely anthemic track "Lunatics" which, a couple of years down the line, I still can't get enough of - check it out below, I'm pretty sure you'll agree it's pretty funking awesome!
They have plenty of filth in their locker as well! Download their free March 2011 Mix below and strap yourself in, it gets pretty naughty! Their remix of Smile is pretty dark as well, and also available for free download below. Vent have also created the most, ermmm, orginal(?) remix of a tune that has been remixed to death over the last couple of years. Check it out below, is probably not what you are expecting, but good stuff nonetheless!


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Filth #13 - Specimen A

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #13 - Specimen A

Loving the fact that is is only going to keep getting filthier from now until Christmas Day, and Specimen A are one of the more recent success stories that I just love to follow. They first caught my ear a couple of years back with 'Hard Times', which was one of those tunes that I just couldn't wait to be released - dirty wobbly goodness. Specimen A are brothers Phil and Mo Jones (whose dad was 80s and 90s star Howard Jones, responsible for gems like this) and DJ Dan Smart. Having been brought up with a strict classical training, the boys have spent the last couple of years generating low-frequency filth with the naughty boys over at Funkatech Records, and it is consistently awesome stuff. Help yourself to a selection of their free downloads below, or purchase yourself a copy of Hard Times if you get a chance!


Funk #13 - DJ Fixx

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #13 - DJ Fixx

Proper wobbly funk stuff doesn't get a lot better than this. DJ Fixx is a legend of the Florida Breaks scene, and has been chucking out tunes over that side of the pond since the 90s. DJ, producer, remixer . . . He can often be found doing solo projects, or linking up alongside other massive names such as the legendary Keith MacKenzie, under their joint handle of KMFX. The early stuff is pretty raw and primitive, as you might expect, but in recent years we've heard some polished beats and delicious bass lines from Pauly Fixx. Sample some of them below, and grab a couple of free downloads - The Fixx and J-Red Promo Mix is a brilliantly funky example of why Florida Breaks is so awesome! And grab the remix of Guestlist by Sporty-O too. Seriously, get it, now!


Monday, 12 December 2011

Filth #14 - Klaypex

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #14 - Klaypex

Klaypex. Now this is what I'm talking about! These boys have the production skills, the breadth of different genres, and the confidence that their stuff is good enough to offer it up for free, or in return for a voluntary donation . . . And it is a seriously good sound. They make their own original tracks as well as remixes, and the production quality on it all is epic. Thump their stuff out through a good quality system and you'll see exactly what I mean.
The sound that the American two-piece lay down is not exclusively filthy, as they can turn their hand to most things, but their big semi-Skrillex basslines (not sure whether or not they would appreciate being compared!) can create a massive element of filth and really rumble the ribcage.
Head over to where you can download their entire 'Loose Dirt' EP in MP3 format for free, or you can choose to make a voluntary donation in return for their tunes, and never was music more worth paying for!!
Check out a few of their tracks below, where you can also download the .WAV files if thats what you prefer. For ultimate filth check out 'Not Getting Any Better' from the set below.


Loose Dirt by Klaypex

Funk #14 - Colombo

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #14 - Colombo

If I thought Mooqee was illusive, then Colomobo is even more the dark horse of breaks! His tunes are rocked all over the place, get support from some of the biggest names about and, most importantly, are mesmerizingly funky! The ideal type of tunes to drop in the middle of a late set as the sun is coming up and people are really feeling it. Being the msyterious man that he is, Colombo doesn't seem to offer any of his tunes as free downloads, but for a quid or two you can pick them up at places like Beatport, and with a guy like Colombo you can be pretty sure that it will be an awesome tune before you even hear it for the first time. Check out 'Everybody' by Colombo below, an absolute breaks anthem.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Filth #15 - Jack Beats

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #15 - Jack Beats

Jack Beats is dirt. Proper Dirt. Lovely stuff.
He's another one of those guys whose tunes you can recognize instantly, even his sets are recongizable enough that you can tell who is playing without even checking the line-up. His unique style of wobbly bass and thunderous beats has had me rocking many a time, so a spot on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame was a must for this guy. When I saw him play Cab Vol in Edinburgh in November he abslolutely smashed it . . . he nearly took the roof off (and that is saying quite a lot for a night held in a basement!!).
'Get Down' is one of those tracks that can instanly energize a dancefloor and get a set really flying, and is another ever-present track in my placelists. Check it out below as part of his U.F.O. EP and then grab a free download of a minimix which showcases his style perfectly.


Funk #15 - Mooqee

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #15 - Mooqee

Now Mooqee is one that I'll admit I don't know much about. Whilst remaining pretty illusive, he has managed to be the driving force behind the Bombstrikes label and the famous Sugarbeat nights, and also chucked out a string of tracks and remixes that have been thrashed all over the place! I'll let his music do the rest of the talking . . . because it is ridiculously funky stuff!!
Grab a free download of the Mooqee Rub Up of Aloe Blacc's 'I Need a Dollar', or the Sounds Of The Mooqeeness Vol 1 mix (also free) which is my favourite mix pumping out of my speakers at the moment, seriously good stuff! [If you only download one thing this weekend, make it this mix!]


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Filth #16 - Chase & Status

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #16 - Chase & Status

These two surely need no introduction. Anyone who doesn't know who Chase & Status are must have been living under a rock for the last 5 years. I have to admit, when the name Chase & Status first hit my radar almost 10 years ago, I never would have said that they would become the phenomenon that they now are! But the guys who met at Manchester Uni over a joint love of filthy music have honed their production skills and ventured away from their drum and bass roots, and it has done massive things for them. Having seen them at Boardmasters last year, at the iTunes Festival and, most notably, at Glastonbury this year in the pouring rain, I can vouch for the fact that they can also put on a great show, with thousands of people all throwing shapes.
You can hear a notable difference in their music spanning over almost the last decade, and they now have a list of fans and collaborators that would make most people in any area of the music business jealous (Plan B, Snoop Dogg, Andy C, Jay Z, etc). Check the musical transformation across the years in their tunes, which I've tried to make available in chronological order below.

- Starting with Blindside, which is the first C&S tune I ever remember hearing, when it was all about drum and bass for them.
- Next in line below is Saxon which, in my opinion, was the best tune they ever did before they went 'commercial'. It's one of their genuinely filthiest tunes ever and the one that really caught my attention.
- I've followed this with Smash TV, by far my favourite tune from their debut album 'More Than Alot'.
- and finally grab yourself a free download of End Credits featuring Plan B, from the movie Harry Brown. Seriously good movie as well, with Plan B proving that he can act!


Click HERE to download End Credits for free.

Funk #16 - Featurecast

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #16 - Featurecast

Now this guy knows how to do funk. Featurecast, a.k.a. Lee Mintram, seems to have some sort of timewarping device in his studio, allowing him to combine old school funk with modern beats and 21st century basslines. It's a pretty cool sound, and he extends it across loads of different genres. If you think you might not have heard of Featurecast before, chances are you probably have heard his music. His track 'Channel Surfing' was used in one of the iPod ads a couple of years ago (yeah, the ones with the silhouettes dancing about).
The 'Auditorium' and 'It's Showtime' mixes below (free download) are a great way to get a party started and get people in a funky mood. Check out a couple of his tracks as well, including a pretty naughty remix of TC's 'Where's My Money?'.


Featurecast - Audiotorium Promo Mix

Friday, 9 December 2011

Filth #17 - Toddla T

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #17 - Toddla T

Number 43 on the 2011 NME Cool List? Ha, that's been blown out of the water now! Now that Toddla T has been named inside the top 20 on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame 2011! ;) NME who?
How do you classify Toddla T and his style? Not easy. Electro? House? Dancehall? Grime? Lets not get bogged down in classifying his stuff, whatever it is, it's good, and often filthy dirty! His real name is Thomas Mackenzie Bell, from Sheffield, and 2011 has seen him fly into the limelight, collaborating with names such as Roots Manuva, Herve and Skream, and ending the year with the announcement that he'll have a regular slot on Radio 1. Fair play mate. Check out a couple of his videos below, including retro-electro-filth [our own made-up genre ;) ] 'Sound Tape Killin' from a couple of years ago, and head over to to grab a couple of his mixes. The mini-mix that he did for his girlfriend and DJ Annie Mac is well worth a listen!


Funk #17 - B-Phreak

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #17 - B-Phreak

B-Phreak has been around a surprisingly long time . . . and done a bit of everything that it is possible to do in the music business by the sound of it! The man from Mainz in Germany (the first German on our #fandfHOF countdown! - I think) has been a singer in a rock band, worked in a record store, and has obviously spent his more recent years as a DJ and Producer. His diverse career has clearly provided him with plenty of inspiration, which has lead to his original tunes, remixes and DJ sets being laced with big, fat, funky breaks and basslines, which have been spun by plenty of familiar faces on these shores and around the world: Soul of Man, Plump DJs, General Midi, Drumattic Twins, to name but a few.
If for some reason you haven't heard of B-Phreak I urge you to check him out now. Try downloading the free Bass Thruster Mixtape below. The Intro asks "Do you like bass??" give it a minute to drop, and you will definitely love bass!


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Filth #18 - 601

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #18 - 601

601 are Nat Slater & George Miller, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire . . . and they make filth! Fact. Call it Nu Skool Breaks, call it 140BPM Jungle, call it what you want, at the end of the day these boys chuck out tunes driven from the bottom by dirty bass, with some nice big chunky beats pounding over the top. Picking up awards right left and centre, I somehow get the feeling that 2012 is going to be a big year for these Yorkshire boys! Decide for yourself. Check out the awesome 'White Off' (my personal favourite!) below, or download their Bangers Mixtape (for free) via the link below.


Download the 601 'Bangers' mix for free by clicking HERE

Funk #18 - Datadex

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #18 - Datadex

The word 'Datadex' has become like a stamp of quality. Seeing the words 'Datadex re-rub', 'Datadex Edit' etc inspires confidence, and assures that what you are about to hear is going to be the proper stuff, the real deal. The boys from Brisbane love filling tunes with big funky basslines, the sort that you just can't stay still to, meaning you've just got to hit the dancefloor!
Their remix of Coburn's 'We Interupt This Programme' has long been a permanent fixture on any playlist I'm compiling, and has recentlty been joined by their re-rub of Porter Robinson's Less Go! remix . . . the guys know how to create an anthem that's going to last! Check out these remixes below, and download their latest mix (for free) as well!
Thanks very much Datadex.


Download this Datadex mix for Ramp FM by clicking HERE

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Filth #19 - Nero

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #19 - Nero

When I first listened to Straight Outta Leicester (many moons ago in my DnB dominated days) I would've put my money on Zen or Twisted Individual, or even Generation Dub being the masters of the bassline a few years down the line (with tracks like Flying Cups, Miami Vice and Rusty Sheriff's Badge - potentially the best DnB track ever made - between them) . . . but how wrong could I have been! About 8 years later and these names have dwindled into obscurity, whilst it is the underdog from the Straight Outta Leicester EP that is filling arenas up and down the country. Fair play Nero, fair play! Having seen them lay down their filth at the iTunes festival in Camden this summer, I can safely say the boys (and accompanying girl in Alana) can certainly put on a show. Their success speaks for itself and I can imagine we will see plenty more in 2012. But looking back on 2011 the Nero tune that stands out the most must be Crush, whilst Philly Blunt's remix of Promises cranks the filth up yet another notch!
Check them both out below!


and how about a quick stroll down memory lane with a reminder of some of the DnB work from the Straight Outta Leicester boys!

Funk #19 - Benji Boko

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #19 - Benji Boko
He's half man, half monkey (no one has ever been brave enough to find out which half is which!), but either way, Benji Boko is certainly something else! 2011 for me was a summer with lots of memories that were hazy at best, but seeing Benji behind his ridunkulous array of buttons and nobs (seriously, you could probably hack the Pentagon with the hardware this monkeyman carries around with him!) at Boardmasters and at Bestival are unforgettable memories. Giant afro bouncing side to side, beats, bass and unimaginable samples being spliced and diced all over the shop; his live sets are something special to behold. Seriously, where else would you hear the theme music to Countdown in the same set as Pharoahe Monch? Beastie Boys mixed into Thomas the Tank Engine, then into Missy Elliot anyone?? It works, and its epic. Download the free festival mix below and find out for yourself . . . but even better, go see it done live next time the boy is in town.

Remixer, performer, semi-simian . . . he's difficult to classify, but it's definitely funky! Benji rounded off 2011 with his 'One Day, One Sound, One Cloud' project, where he was donated sounds from all over the place and had one day to chop and arrange them into a track and, not only did he deliver, the boy done good! Check out below.

Check out his all-singing all-dancing website at, like Benji on Facebook, or tweet the little monkey man @BenjiBoko


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Filth #20 - Stanton Warriors

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #20 - Stanton Warriors
They. Are. The Warriors. You can hear a Stanton Warriors tune being mixed in within half a bar - such is the sound they have defined.
Duo Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley have progressed from their early works like 'Da Virus' to transmogrify over the last decade into one of the UK's finest exports, playing worldwide, and remixing monsters from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, Gorillaz, Claude Von Stroke, The Eurythmics and the Chemical Brothers. Not a bad collection! But it is their reworking of the Beachboys classic 'Good Vibrations' that will always be my lasting memory of the Warriors - not least because I have recollections of filling my hand with broken glass the first time I heard them drop it at Matter, in what can only be described as a 'floor-slapping injury'. It's a massive tune, in fact I've heard others describe it as 'beastly'! Download it for free from the list of downloads below, and make sure you pipe it through some speakers big enough to do it justice!


Funk #20 - Plaza de Funk

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #20 - Plaza de Funk
Funk by name. Funk by nature. If for some reason you are not aware of this dude, then you are missing out! Originally from Italy, but London-based for some years now, Mr Funk is remix ninja and a production jedi of the highest quality, which has seen him become a Breakspoll stalwart in recent years. His own production has seen the creation of floorfillers sucj as Push n Pull and Do It!, whilst the stand-out remix has to be Lazy Rich's Diskofukkr - impossible to stay still to! Check below for a free download mix of some Plaza de Funk favourites from the man himself.


Monday, 5 December 2011

Filth #21 - Knife Party

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #21 - Knife Party
2011 saw the Pendulum boys launch an interesting side project. Take the Pendulum feeling, crank down the BPM, crank up the filth factor, and what do you get? Knife Party!
The guys are careful to distance the two projects from one another (so this post probably isn't helping much!), and if you weren't aware then you'd be forgiven for thinking they were two entirely unrelated acts. 2011 has seen them playing Space in Ibiza, linking up with Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia and remixing the likes of Porter Robinson and Nero. Pretty sure they mean business then! Head over to to download (for free) a mix including most of their creations to date. Enjoy.


Funk #21 - Telephunken

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #21 - Telephunken
Funk, funk, funk. Or perhaps it should be phunk, phunk, phunk! The stuff oozes out of Telephunken mixes. We know the Spanish love their breaks, and Telephunken proves this with potentially the funkiest set on t'interweb at the moment. Check it out below. Well worth a spot on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame!


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Filth #22 - Ben and Lex

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #22 - Ben and Lex
Now these guys know how to throw down some bass! A good friend of mine played the Ben and Lex remix of Say Yes (free download below) to his missus . . . Apparently she physically couldn’t stand more than a few seconds of it due to the extent of the filth . . . which is always a good sign if you ask me! Ben and Lex are serious next-level filth, and homegrown UK talent as well - keep up the filthy work boys!


Free Download from:

Funk #22 - Beatsmack

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #22 - Beatsmack
I discovered Beatsmack by accident at Boardmasters festival this summer. It was a windy Sunday morning on a clifftop in Newquay. My merry band and I had emerged from our tents and breakfasted on bacon sandwiches, cake and rum, and headed off to the main site for some general hangover recovery when, upon turning the corner onto Tuaca Point at about midday, we came upon Snatch The Wax DJs thumping out this Beatsmack remix of Hello (free download below) and a troop of nutters throwing some lunchtime shapes . . . it's a big tune, you'll see why!
Beatsmack themselves are Bezwun (Tom Beziuk) and Intercept (Ryan Sloan) and their sound has that slight Antipodean tinge to it, but with the funk cranked up a couple of hundred notches. Check out and download a couple of their creations below, think you'll agree these guys have real energy, and expect to see/hear a lot more of them!


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Filth #23 - Tomlinson

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #23 - Tomlinson
Tomlinson is Ben Tomlinson, from Lancaster, and when he remixes a tune good stuff happens. He knows how to add that extra level of naughtiness to an already brilliant track, by filthing up the bass or drumstepping it up a notch. Don't just take my word for it, download a couple of his edits below (for free) and judge for yourself . . . pretty sure you'll agree he's a bit of a filth ninja!

Feed Me - Blood Red (Tomlinson Re-Rub) by Tomlinson


Funk #23 - NAPT

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #23 - NAPT
I gotta have more cowbell! That's what I think of when I think of NAPT. What a tune. But since the release of that particular anthem a few years back NAPT (aka Ashley Pope and Tomek Naden) have gone on to define their own recongizable N-Funk sound, wwhich they describe as "a heady concoction of electro, bass, house and broken beat" . . . I would agree.
The boys also lay down a pretty mean remix (as seen with yesterday's Funk and Filth Hall of Fame posting of the remix Slyde's Frequency), and for anyone who wants to experience the N-Funk sound in person, head down to Cable in London, TONIGHT (3rd December) where the boys are on the line-up alongside Far Too Loud and Brookes Brothers. Alternatively, take your pick of the free downloads below.

Latest Free Music Downloads by NAPT


Friday, 2 December 2011

Filth #24 - The Qemists

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #24 - The Qemists
These guys are literally like nothing else in the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame. Fusing rock, drum and bass and dubstep, they put out an instantly recognizable sound - and it is awesome! Having seen The Qemists play live a few times, I can safely say that they can get a crowd to really bounce. There aint no moshpit like a Qemists moshpit!
Both albums, Join The Q and Spirit In The System, contain a combination of bangers and wobbly stuff, and feature collaborations with artists such as Enter Shikari, Wiley, Jenna G and Rob Hawkins from The Automatic, which all come together to give a proper blood-pumping sound - which is even better performed live!
Help yourself to a couple of free downloads here:

The Qemists - Stompbox by Erisingr

The Qemists - Your Revolution by Ninja Tune


Funk #24 - Slyde

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #24 - Slyde
God damn I love Slyde! Excuse the blasphemy, but these guys are seriously funky! The first appearance in the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame for the Finger Lickin Records mob, the duo have more recently been releasing tracks under their own SlyBeats brand. I'll always love these guys for anthems like Frequency and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (the bassline on that one still follows me around in my head), but their current stuff is just as banging. Check out the awesome Kiss Kiss Bang Bang below, as well as a couple of their other anthems.


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Filth #25 - Kouncilhouse

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #25 - Kouncilhouse
Being mates with a drum and bass legend like Micky Finn can only ever be a good thing, and it probably helped and influenced Kouncilhouse in generating his own particular type of filth. This guy seems to have a bank of noises completely different from everyone else out there, giving his tracks and remixes a distinctively dirty sound. My all-time favourite has to be the remix of Painkiller (see/listen below), but I'm equally impressed that Kouncilhouse is able to turn his hand to all sorts of genres, from reggae to house, and his production quality remains consistent. Well worth his place in this year's Funk and Filth Hall of Fame.

Free Downloads

Funk #25 - B-Law

B-Law, otherwise known as Alexander Vinogradov, hailing from Vologda in Russia, may not be that well-known yet, but his remixes have certainly caught the attention of Funk and Filth and justified his place in this year's Funk and Filth Hall of Fame. B-Law started producing his own tracks in 2009, which makes it all the more impressive that his bass-driven tracks are as polished as they are. Not the finished article, and not yet a global superstar, but definitely keep one eye on this guy . . . try out a couple of his free downloads now!


The Funk and Filth Hall of Fame 2011 Kicks off today! #fandfHOF

Today it begins!

The countdown of the top 25 funkiest people in music, alongside the top 25 filthiest people . . . loads of free tunes to download as well.

Each day between now and Christmas we will introduce one funky fool and one filthy freak, leading up to Christmas day when the best of the best will be crowned. Who will be behind the last door of our advent calendar I wonder? We shall see. But for now, lets start at number 25 with . . .