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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Filth #19 - Nero

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Filth #19 - Nero

When I first listened to Straight Outta Leicester (many moons ago in my DnB dominated days) I would've put my money on Zen or Twisted Individual, or even Generation Dub being the masters of the bassline a few years down the line (with tracks like Flying Cups, Miami Vice and Rusty Sheriff's Badge - potentially the best DnB track ever made - between them) . . . but how wrong could I have been! About 8 years later and these names have dwindled into obscurity, whilst it is the underdog from the Straight Outta Leicester EP that is filling arenas up and down the country. Fair play Nero, fair play! Having seen them lay down their filth at the iTunes festival in Camden this summer, I can safely say the boys (and accompanying girl in Alana) can certainly put on a show. Their success speaks for itself and I can imagine we will see plenty more in 2012. But looking back on 2011 the Nero tune that stands out the most must be Crush, whilst Philly Blunt's remix of Promises cranks the filth up yet another notch!
Check them both out below!


and how about a quick stroll down memory lane with a reminder of some of the DnB work from the Straight Outta Leicester boys!

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