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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Funk #12 - Vent

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #12 - Vent

Vent, their regular human names being Sam Ashwell and Dan Havers, like to span the worlds of both funk, and also filth, and can be heard spinning dubstep, breaks, glitch, all sorts. They are therefore hard to pigeonhole, but I've added them to the Funk side of our hall of fame purely for their absolutely anthemic track "Lunatics" which, a couple of years down the line, I still can't get enough of - check it out below, I'm pretty sure you'll agree it's pretty funking awesome!
They have plenty of filth in their locker as well! Download their free March 2011 Mix below and strap yourself in, it gets pretty naughty! Their remix of Smile is pretty dark as well, and also available for free download below. Vent have also created the most, ermmm, orginal(?) remix of a tune that has been remixed to death over the last couple of years. Check it out below, is probably not what you are expecting, but good stuff nonetheless!


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