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Friday, 9 December 2011

Funk #17 - B-Phreak

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #17 - B-Phreak

B-Phreak has been around a surprisingly long time . . . and done a bit of everything that it is possible to do in the music business by the sound of it! The man from Mainz in Germany (the first German on our #fandfHOF countdown! - I think) has been a singer in a rock band, worked in a record store, and has obviously spent his more recent years as a DJ and Producer. His diverse career has clearly provided him with plenty of inspiration, which has lead to his original tunes, remixes and DJ sets being laced with big, fat, funky breaks and basslines, which have been spun by plenty of familiar faces on these shores and around the world: Soul of Man, Plump DJs, General Midi, Drumattic Twins, to name but a few.
If for some reason you haven't heard of B-Phreak I urge you to check him out now. Try downloading the free Bass Thruster Mixtape below. The Intro asks "Do you like bass??" give it a minute to drop, and you will definitely love bass!


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