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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Funk #19 - Benji Boko

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #19 - Benji Boko
He's half man, half monkey (no one has ever been brave enough to find out which half is which!), but either way, Benji Boko is certainly something else! 2011 for me was a summer with lots of memories that were hazy at best, but seeing Benji behind his ridunkulous array of buttons and nobs (seriously, you could probably hack the Pentagon with the hardware this monkeyman carries around with him!) at Boardmasters and at Bestival are unforgettable memories. Giant afro bouncing side to side, beats, bass and unimaginable samples being spliced and diced all over the shop; his live sets are something special to behold. Seriously, where else would you hear the theme music to Countdown in the same set as Pharoahe Monch? Beastie Boys mixed into Thomas the Tank Engine, then into Missy Elliot anyone?? It works, and its epic. Download the free festival mix below and find out for yourself . . . but even better, go see it done live next time the boy is in town.

Remixer, performer, semi-simian . . . he's difficult to classify, but it's definitely funky! Benji rounded off 2011 with his 'One Day, One Sound, One Cloud' project, where he was donated sounds from all over the place and had one day to chop and arrange them into a track and, not only did he deliver, the boy done good! Check out below.

Check out his all-singing all-dancing website at, like Benji on Facebook, or tweet the little monkey man @BenjiBoko


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