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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Funk #22 - Beatsmack

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #22 - Beatsmack
I discovered Beatsmack by accident at Boardmasters festival this summer. It was a windy Sunday morning on a clifftop in Newquay. My merry band and I had emerged from our tents and breakfasted on bacon sandwiches, cake and rum, and headed off to the main site for some general hangover recovery when, upon turning the corner onto Tuaca Point at about midday, we came upon Snatch The Wax DJs thumping out this Beatsmack remix of Hello (free download below) and a troop of nutters throwing some lunchtime shapes . . . it's a big tune, you'll see why!
Beatsmack themselves are Bezwun (Tom Beziuk) and Intercept (Ryan Sloan) and their sound has that slight Antipodean tinge to it, but with the funk cranked up a couple of hundred notches. Check out and download a couple of their creations below, think you'll agree these guys have real energy, and expect to see/hear a lot more of them!


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