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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Funk #4 - A.Skillz

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #4 - A.Skillz

Well, what can I say about A.Skillz. What a year. Sets and mixes that justify the very existence of the internet, performances that make blind men see and cripples walk, and remixes that are so damn funky that sometimes you just want to cry.
I've lost count how many times I've seen the guy play in the last year, but one thing you can guarantee . . . everyone, and I mean everyone! will be dancing their socks off! On top of his performances A.Skillz (Adam Mills) has also realeased genuine contenders for the best mix of the year (Beats Working Vol1) and remix of the year (California Soul), both of which you can download for free below. Do this now. Now. Download them now. Now. This is non-negotiable.
He is also the label owner and driving force behind new electro soul label Jam City so, bundling all this together we can expect (and hope) for a very busy 2012 from now officially the 4th funkiest man currently alive on this planet.


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