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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Funk #8 - Snatch The Wax DJs

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #8 - Snatch The Wax DJs

I stumbled upon Snatch The Wax in a drunken post-breakfast stupour at Boardmasters ealier this year, and their set immediately became a contender for best festival set of the year! Whilst a lot of DJs might see a lunchtime set time as a chance to play something a bit more chilled, or experiment with introducing some new material to their set to see how it goes, these guys had clearly turned up with the mindset that, regardless of time, place and any sort of conformity, they were going to smash the granny out of Boardmasters! And it certainly got that clifftop rocking again. A couple of months later and they're doing exactly the same thing at Freeze Festival in Battersea. I expect 2012 to be the year when these Cornwall boys really take off. So sample their work in the neck-breakingly funky mix below (free download) and then keep your eyes peeled for them next year. Remember the name: Snatch The Wax DJs.


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