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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Breakspoll 2012: Not sure who to vote for?

It's looming on the horizon.
"What is?" I hear you ask.
Only the best damn night of the whole year.
It's Breakspoll, it's on Sat 25th Feb at Cable in London, and it is immense.

One of the best things about Breakspoll is that you get to vote to have a say in who gets the awards for all their hard work, but one of the hardest things is working out who to vote for! Either you have too many people that you think have been chucking out some fantastic funk and some fabulous filth, or there are some names on the shortlist that you might not have heard of.
Well, fear not, Funk and Filth is here to help. We've shortened the shortlists further for you with some recommendations, or in some cases just point blank stated who we reckon should get the award! We've also provided some examples of some of the DJs and Producers' work so that you can judge for yourself. Check out below, then head over to to vote. Have fun.

Best Track
These are added here in the priority order of recommendation. There were so many awesome tracks in 2011 that it is hard to pick, but here is the massive Breakspoll shortlist reduced down to Funk and Filth's Top 10!

Best Remix
Loads of great remixes this year, and when you see names like 'Afghan Headspin and 601' together in the same sentence, or 'Krafty Kuts and Pyramid' you know you are about to hear something special. I think the winning combination of 'Anthem, Ender, Skibadee, Chan and Hulton' will be hard to beat though!

Best Album
For consistent quality throughout there are two clear contenders this year, but I think Elite Force & Klaus Badelt's 'Shockland' deserves the nod over 'Antiques of the Future' by Colombo. See for yourself here.

Best Label
Got to be either 'Funkatech Records' or 'Ape Music' in my opinion. The likes of 'Pyramid', 'Specimen A' and 'Far Too Loud' from Funkatech go up against Ape's '601', 'Freerange DJs' and 'Freear & Ekaj'.

Best Producer
Again there has been some magical stuff out there, and alongside Funk and Filth favourites 'Deekline' and 'Slyde', I think 'Vent', 'High Rankin' and 'Noisia' have all had a really good year.
- Deekline
- Slyde
- Vent
- High Rankin
- Noisia

Best DJ
'Deekline' had a big year, his set at Arcadia at Glastonbury was one of the tearouts of the century! But then 'Krafty Kuts' has smashed it several times in the last year, including the Boardmasters clifftop in a monsoon and possibly the best set of Bestival 2011. Then there's 'Nick Thayer', who has also had a great year, ripping up the floor with the early crowd at Cable in November. But for being consistently epic throughout 2011, including top notch sets at Bestival, Freeze, the Old Queens Head and Cable I can only recommend one man . . . 'A.SKillz'.

Best New DJ
James D'Ley's name has been cropping up a lot recently, and where he is involved you can always expect top quality . . . expect big things from this guy!

Best large event
Glasto Dance Village, including performances from 'Sub Focus' and 'Trolley Snatcha' was massive in 2011.
I've still not made it to Shambahala over the other side of the pond, but I hear tales of legendary beatsmiths that must apparently be heard to be believed!

Best Small Event
Elite Force Boat Party

Best Website/Blog
Funk and Filth of course!! :) Please select "Other" on the voting form and enter 'Funk and Filth' to show your love.

Best Radio Station
Rough Tempo gets the Funk and Filth seal of approval, here's a taster.

Best Radio Show
Annie Nightingale is a legend, got nothing but love for Annie, but think this year it is only fair to recommend the work being done by Ben & Lex in their Beatz n Bobz show on NSB.

Best Free Blog Track
It can only be California Soul by A.Skillz!

Outstanding Contribution
It can't be denied that 'The Freestylers' have made an outstanding contribution over the last few years, and I have no doubt that their time will come, but I think credit is due to the 'Finger Lickin Records' guys, and in particular to Mr 'Abel Reynolds' for his outstanding work with the troublesome Krafty, A.Skillz and co.

Now head on over to to cast your vote. Good luck to everyone involved and see you at Cable on 25th Feb!

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