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Friday, 20 January 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Left/Right

His real name is Chris Lund.
He's from Dallas (the place, not the TV show).
And he is one funky little fella!
You might know him better as Left/Right, and if you've heard his stuff you will know he has beats tighter than jeans in January, and an ability to make funky get-up-and-shake-it tunes, as well as some proper dark moody stuff as well . . . love the breadth of this stuff.

Check out a whole load of his free downloads right here. Want the moody stuff? Try his 'Subway' remix. Fancy some funkytime instead? Go for his 'Night Mix', it's been around a while, but it is a whole hour of gold dust! Or if you don't mind paying for your tunes, get a hold of 'Organizized' (also below), awesome tune, and the one that first got me hooked on his stuff.

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