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Monday, 27 February 2012

Breakspoll 2012: The Winners


Saturday saw the dishing out of the International Breakbeat awards in London. If you were there for the party I hope you have recovered by now!

Our Funk and Filth predictions weren't exactly spot on, but we got some of the categories right! Here are works from each of the winners in each category for you to listen to and download.

Well done everyone who won or was nominated. Looking forward to even more awesome music in 2012.

Best Track – Hyper & Beatman & Ludmilla – Lights (Ayra Recordings)

Best Remix – Krafty Kuts – Lets Go, Lets Ride (Pyramid Remix)

Best Album – Stanton Warriors – The Warriors

Best Label – Ghetto Funk

Best New Label – Diablo Loco Records

Best Producer – Colombo

Best New Producer – Mafia Kiss

Best DJ – A-Skillz

Best New DJ – James D’ley

Best Large Event – Shambhala Festival

Best Small Event – Lowdown & Dirty

Best Website –

Best Radio Station – NSB Radio

Best Radio Show – Lady Waks Show (Radio Record)

Best Free Track – Marlena Shaw – California Soul (A-Skillz Remix)

Outstanding Contribution – The Freestylers

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Breakspoll 2012: Predictions

Last week the nominations were announced for Breakspoll 2012, and the awards are being dished out this Saturday night down at Cable near London Bridge . . . it’s going to be off the hook, get there if you can.
Now that the nominations are announced, here are the official Funk and Filth predictions for who will take the accolades!

A few free downloads included along the way too . . .


‘Everybody’ is the anthem to beat in this section.

*Colombo – Everybody (iBreaks)
Elite Force – Captain America (U&A Recordings)
Hyper & Beatman & Ludmilla – Lights (Ayra Recordings)
Pyramid – Cruel feat. Julie Thompson (Funkatech)
Stanton Warriors – Shoot Me Down (Punks)


I think it may be a straight head to head between the Deekline and Krafty tracks, but the ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ remix has been unavoidable all year.

*Deekline & Ed Solo – Blow Out (DJ Fixx & Ill DJ Chris B Remix)
Elite Force – No Turning Back (Hedflux Remix)
*Krafty Kuts – Lets Go, Lets Ride (Pyramid Remix)
Paul Oakenfold – Tokyo (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)
Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)


Now this is a really tricky one. So many great albums, Elite Force & Klaus Badelt didn’t even get a nomination. All four of these are immense, but I think Colombo is the favourite for me, although having recently relistened to the remix album by the Ghetto Funk boys I think this has a very good chance too.

Afghan Headspin – The Story So Far LP (Rocstar)
*Colombo – Antiques of the Future (iBreaks)
*Ghetto Funk presents: Icons Vol 2 (Ghetto Funk)

Stanton Warriors – The Warriors (Punks)


Ghetto Funk has got to be in with a shout, but the Funkatech boys have been destroying dance floors worldwide all year, so surely they deserve the win.

Broken Robot
Ghetto Funk
iBreaks Records
U&A Recordings


Either the Breakz R Boss guys from Canada or, with the likes of Hunter Vaughan on board, you have to think Death Proof could maybe grab this one. Check out a free download here of The Button by Breakz R Boss dude Metachemical, and a little Hunter Vaughan taster too . . .

*Breakz R Boss
*Death Proof Recordings

Diablo Loco Records


Pyramid have been chucking out tracks and remixes of simply tooth-grindingly good quality over the last 12 months, and offered a lot of them for free as well. Come on Pyramid!

Elite Force (sHack)


Leuce Rhythms without a doubt! Not sure why? Check out the free Breakspoll promo mix below and you’ll see why!

Bad Tango
Fisso & Spark
*Leuce Rhythms
Mafia Kiss


Hmmm, A.Skillz or Krafty? A.Skillz or Krafty? Then there’s Elite Force as well who’s had a big year . . . . it’s a seriously tough one to call . . . . . based on consistent awesomeness across venues of different sizes, I’m going to go for A.Skillz!

Elite Force (sHack)
Krafty Kuts
Lady Packa
Lady Waks


James D’Ley fo shizzle! Check out his free mix posted in my earlier Breakspoll post to see exactly why!

*James D’ley
Key_Lo & Dr $Icknote
Leuce Rhythms
The Hustle


If ‘California Soul’ doesn’t win this I may cry. I’m not joking.

Adele – Hometown Glory (Adsorb Breaks Mix)
Chase & Status – Time (Run Riot Remix)
Emeli Sande – Heaven (Pyramid Refix)
*Marlena Shaw – California Soul (A-Skillz Remix)
Tomb Crew – Watch This (Kid Digital Remix)


Still never been, but Shambhala by all accounts is the next level of ridiculous!

Breakfest (AUS)
Burning Man (USA)
Shake&Break (RUS)
*Shambahala (CAD)
Summer Festival (ESP)


These guys have been running top quality nights for a while now, so it surely has to go to The Vinyl Touch.

Hong Kong Ping Pong
Lowdown & Dirty
Naughty Panda
*The Vinyl Touch

BEST WEBSITE / BLOG didn’t get a nomination, bad times. But there are some other great blogs and sites out there. For his superb taste and dedication to the love of breaks I think TTJ90 deserves this one, awesome site.



Rough Tempo all the way baby!!

Brap FM
NSB Radio
Radio Record
*Rough Tempo


Ben and Lex and their array of musical filth must surely be a front runner for this award.

Annie Nightingale (Radio One)
*Beatz n Bobz Show hosted by Ben & Lex (NSB Radio)
DJ Iceys Automatic Static (Sirius)
Lady Waks Show (Radio Record)
Scoundrel Presents – The Rough Tempo Guest Show (Rough Tempo Radio)

And there you have it! Get down to Cable for the awards on Saturday night and see if I’m right!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy Monday : Knife Party

It’s a cold Monday (here in the UK it’s cold anyway) in February.
There’s not much going on.
It’s back to school/work for a lot of people here after a week off for half term.
So there is only one thing to do . . .
A brief tribute to Knife Party and some free downloads to get the week going!

Play these bad boys through something big and let the bass give you a proper kick in the butt to get you going this week!

That is all.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Funk Vs Filth

So, here at Funk and Filth we thought we'd conduct a bit of an experiment.
Which is better, Funk or Filth? There's only one way to find out . . . . . . FIIIIIGHT!!
Well, not a fight, more of a comparison, but we'll call it a fight for the sake of dramatic effect.

So, we've picked two heavyweights and put them head to head.
They are both at the top of their game.
Both seriously awesome producers.
Both arena-filling DJs.
And, coincidentally, both from the U.S.

Representing Funk we have a living legend, one of the founding fathers of the Florida breaks scene, and one of the major reasons that Funk and Filth exists today . . . DJ Icey. The Godfather of Funk rips it up with his latest mix, available here for free download, and is the perfect combatant to represent The Funk in this face-off!

In the other corner of the ring, representing Filth (and literally dripping in it), is someone who is a little newer to the scene than his funky counterpart. Figure has risen to dizzy heights in the dubstep and drumstep world, and been responsible for some absolute monsters over the last year or two. One seriously filthy guy. Download his free Mad Decent Monster mix below.

As part of our experiment we are asking you to download/listen to the two free mixes and tweet to show whether you are on the side of Funk, or supporting the Filth.
Include the corresponding hashtag in your tweet so we can see which mix you prefer:
Tweet including #FunkWin for the DJ Icey mix
Tweet including #FilthWin for the Figure mix
Are you funky or are you filthy???

After a week we'll count up and see which has won!

Tweet including #FunkWin to vote for the funky DJ Icey mix:

Tweet including #Filthwin to vote for the filthy Figure mix:

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : The Dancefloor Outlaws

I hope you've got your wellies handy . . . because you are about to be knee-deep in funk!
The Dancefloor Outlaws are UK based (Newquay to be precise) and are rising seriously quickly in the funk rankings.
Seriously tight, seamless mixes, which chop and switch tempos for fun, make their sets seriously easy on the ear and seriously funky on the feet. See for yourself with their free mix to download below.

Expect to see these boys chucking it out at festivals this summer, and also expect their set at Breakspoll on Feb 25th to take the house down.
Also known to punch out some awesome remixes make sure you keep your eye on these guys in 2012 - big talent.