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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Funk Vs Filth

So, here at Funk and Filth we thought we'd conduct a bit of an experiment.
Which is better, Funk or Filth? There's only one way to find out . . . . . . FIIIIIGHT!!
Well, not a fight, more of a comparison, but we'll call it a fight for the sake of dramatic effect.

So, we've picked two heavyweights and put them head to head.
They are both at the top of their game.
Both seriously awesome producers.
Both arena-filling DJs.
And, coincidentally, both from the U.S.

Representing Funk we have a living legend, one of the founding fathers of the Florida breaks scene, and one of the major reasons that Funk and Filth exists today . . . DJ Icey. The Godfather of Funk rips it up with his latest mix, available here for free download, and is the perfect combatant to represent The Funk in this face-off!

In the other corner of the ring, representing Filth (and literally dripping in it), is someone who is a little newer to the scene than his funky counterpart. Figure has risen to dizzy heights in the dubstep and drumstep world, and been responsible for some absolute monsters over the last year or two. One seriously filthy guy. Download his free Mad Decent Monster mix below.

As part of our experiment we are asking you to download/listen to the two free mixes and tweet to show whether you are on the side of Funk, or supporting the Filth.
Include the corresponding hashtag in your tweet so we can see which mix you prefer:
Tweet including #FunkWin for the DJ Icey mix
Tweet including #FilthWin for the Figure mix
Are you funky or are you filthy???

After a week we'll count up and see which has won!

Tweet including #FunkWin to vote for the funky DJ Icey mix:

Tweet including #Filthwin to vote for the filthy Figure mix:

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