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Friday, 16 March 2012

Funky Friday : Breakz R Boss Records

Calgary, Canada. Home to just over a million people, some breathtaking scenery . . . . and one of the most exciting new labels around!

Breakz R Boss were nominated for the Best New Label award in the 2012 Breakspoll awards, but narrowly missed out on taking the prize, being beaten by Diablo Loco Records on the night.

Regardless of this, Breakz R Boss are a factory responsible for churning out beat after beautiful beat, and funky/filthy basslines that can be felt all the way across the pond. Their roster is far too long to detail in full here, but includes some seriously crowd-pleasing Canadian and global names, including Kyle Cross, Dave Dialect, Metachemical, 8*Bit, Kraymon, F-Word and several billion more dangerously talented beatsmiths.

Check below for more free downloads than you can physically fit into your face . . . there are some absolute nuggets in here! ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ the Dave Dialect Bootleg comes highly recommended!

Cheers Breakz R Boss! Have a Funky Friday everyone.

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