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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

James D'Ley : Exclusive Interview and New Mix

James D’Ley, officially the Best New DJ in the world, speaks exclusively to Funk and Filth, and offers up his latest free download mix as well! Quiet now please, James is about to speak . . .

You picked up Best New DJ at this year’s Breakspoll awards, as Funk and Filth predicted ;) nice one on that! How did it feel to be picked above the likes of the awesome Leuce Rhythms and Stickybuds, and what has your win inspired for you for the rest of 2012?

Cheers buddy. To be honest, I didn’t really think it a win over any one artist in particular. For me it was just the feeling of getting something I have been working towards for a long time and something I was never going to give up on until I got it. The artists you mention are more than worthy competitors, so to scoop the pick of the bunch was obviously a great feeling :D As I’ve said previously, it was a big goal in my path within EDM, so it has given me great direction to use that as springboard for many great things! Directly it has made me want to step up my performance on a skill & technical level, and hopefully you'll see the fruits of that in roughly a fortnights time as I have my first ever product demo currently under construction, and very excited to get that out there :) I cant say who its for right now, but let’s just say the pair are infamous within the industry! In general it has renewed my energy supplies and enthusiasm for my music, and that is of course only a good thing!! In turn my productivity will be greater than previous years this year :)

You get to DJ all over the place, to crowds of all sizes. What’s your favourite venue or event to play, and what makes it so special?

That’s a tricky one. I’m lucky enough to be playing loads of new places all the time, all different for different reasons. I think the gig I hold closest to my heart would be FREEBASS @ Concorde 2, Brighton in my home town. I don’t get the opportunity to play too many home town shows these days due to my schedule and various obligations, but this is the one event that I always play no matter what I’m offered elsewhere. It’s been running for 4 years and it’s where I started out when I moved to Brighton, I had been in town a matter of days when they debuted their first night and by chance managed to blag a spot in the 2nd room. Not too many shows later and they threw me in the deep end in the main room playing bassline breakbeat to a drum & bass crowd. I held down the room to great acclaim and the rest is history. You can always catch me there opening up the first two hours warming up the impending carnage that always happens at the night, these days I’m regularly joined by POoK from Brap F.M. who’s also a Brighton man. As you can expect with a free multi bass genre night that is all about amazing music, amazing DJ'S & MC's and an amazing crowd, it is a truly epic night and one I always look forward too.

Who is your favourite Producer right now? Do you have one tune that you always have in your back pocket, ready to drop into a set to lift the roof?

So again with the obviously difficult question haha, - Producers that I always want their new stuff before I’ve even heard it include...
Specimen A, Pyramid, Far Too Loud, Tantrum Desire, Knife Party, Colombo, to name a handful. Yeah, I always have a tune or three ear marked for absolute winners, or more peak time bangers as every track I play needs to be a winner . But yeah sure.

You can do a back-to-back set with any DJ in the world. Anyone. Who would you pick?

Eddie Halliwell. As a bedroom DJ, he was my idol . And in many ways still is for his technability and showmanship. Would be too awesome to create carnage on dance floors alongside such a legend, even if it did mean I'd have to switch my sound for a one off special!

You come from Brighton, the birthplace of many a breaks and bass maestro, so you must have seen a few up and coming stars. Any tips on who we should keep our eyes/ears on in the near future?

Brighton is forever producing talent or should I say attracting it. A lot of big scene legends live here, and a lot of people who build their name here go on to do big things. In Dubstep, Hizzleguy & Dismantle are really garnering some attention nationally. In DnB I think a certain DJ Overdose will go on to be a regular in the DnB circuit. In breaks, well I’m not sure to be honest. I think the local breaks scene needs another couple of years to rebuild before it produces any future stars. Who knows though, hopefully I’m proved wrong :D [Check out some Hizzleguy and Dismantle filth in the free Hurley MIxcloud mix below!]

This is a big question now . . . not musically related but very very important to us! Footwear. What’s the coolest pair in your footlocker at the moment?

I do like a good trainer, I never used to but there are a lot of good trainer shops in Brighton :D Well, depending on your style. Obviously as stated, I’m a trainer guy, but hi tops all the way. I have some pretty extravagant sky tops by converse, but my favourite and current choice is from the Adidas Hi Top basketball range - white, silver and bits of various shades of blue :) They are sweet & really easy to clean lol!!

And finally, the question that everyone needs to know. . . Funk or Filth . . . . musically which way are you feeling right now?

Right now and always I’m feeling both.. I love a track that’s funky & filthy. All good Dancefloor music should have both in my opinion. Something to raise the smile on your face, but screw it up at the same time!!

Grab the James D’Ley Official Glade Festival Promo Mix for free right here. And check the bandpage tab on his Facebook page which is constantly updated with all the latest dates where you can catch him.

Free Gagoon Dubz mix featuring plenty of filth from Hizzleguy & Dismantle:

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