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Friday, 27 July 2012

Looking Sideways at Boardmasters 2012

We all know that Relentless Boardmasters festival is famous not only for the amazing musical line-up, but also the array of talent that’s on display on the waves and skate ramps, where you can go and watch the best of the best performing acrobatic miracles and, occasionally, landing flat on their faces.

But there is another reason that’s increasing anticipation levels for this year’s Boardmasters, and that is the ridiculously cool artwork that is going to be on display close to the surf events at Fistral Bay. Some of the best artists around are contributing to the Looking Sideways art trail, and there’s also the opportunity to win, amongst other things, a surfboard, custom shaped to your own dimensions and decorated with your own artwork. That’s a pretty damn sweet prize!

For your chance to win, check out what you need to do here at Looking Sideways, and enjoy some samples of work from those involved in the trail below. . . . see you lot at the beach! Or on the dancefloor! Or both!

and a tasty mix from local boys Hong Kong Ping Pong who'll be playing at Boardmasters 2012, free download right here:

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Boardmasters 2012 Incoming!

British summer has officially arrived . . . so that means one thing: festival time!!

One of the highlights of the summer is the trip down to Newquay for Relentless Boardmasters . . . a festival that (without exaggeration) is second in line only to Glastonbury in terms of all round awesomeness, and anyone who’s been to Glastonbury will know!

Last year’s Boardmasters was immense, with the likes of Stanton Warriors, Benji Boko, Snatch the Wax, Krafty Kuts and Fatboy Slim thumping out what can only be described as fucking massive sets! Two of this lot, Krafty and STW are back again to rock the clifftop again in 2012, let’s hope there’s no monsoon like last year.

Dizzee Rascal and Ed Sheeran are the headliners for the weekend, but there's a whole load of great artists and DJs this weekend, so here is the Funk and Filth must-see list for Boardmasters 2012, plus everything else you need to know:

1. First up is the one and only Krafty Kuts. I’ve never heard a set that’s anything other than awesome from Krafty, and after he decimated the clifftop last year in the midst of a swirling monsoon I’m expecting another ridiculous one this year. Grab his legendary free Fresh Kuts mix series right here.

2. Snatch the Wax – Newquay is home soil for these guys and, having stumbled upon them during a pretty heavy lunchtime session last year, I can vouch that these guys know how to start the party. Give a shit whether its 7pm or 7am, if STW are on you get involved!

3. We are big fans of The Dancefloor Outlaws at Funk and Filth, and their set is bound to be funkiest one of the weekend. No chance I’m missing this!

4. Pyramid basically own the 140BPM Jungle world at the moment. Remixes, originals, whatever, they come armed with bass and I’m envisioning some mosh pit action during this one!

5. Also local boys, Hong Kong Ping Pong are the friendly face of funk. Their regular club night in the south west and their series of mix tapes have carved them out as true dancefloor fillers and the number of shapes thrown during their set is expected to be astronomical! I for one wll be dancing like a right helmet.

6. The Freerange DJs are the wild card in the pack and are therefore highly anticipated . . . not entirely sure what we are going to get from these boys, but there will be bass, there will be beats and, if I have anything to do with it, there will be lots of rum!

7. Dubstep pioneer Doorly is a sure thing to make the Unleashed Arena rumble. It’s going to be grimey, it’s going to be naughty, it’s going to be awesome.

8. The legendary DJ Zinc is still as brilliant as ever, and has come a long way since the 138 Trek (what a tune!) days. Expecting more filthy business at Boardmasters!

9. It’s been played almost to death, but Feel the Love is still an absolute tune, and no doubt we’ll be hearing that from Rudimental at Boardmasters. And, seeing as the ginger wonder that is Ed Sheeran is also about, chances are we may hear one or two of these tasty remixes too.

10. Not only have we got Zinc there, but we’ve got another legendary DJ still smashing it in 2012! DJ Fresh will hopefully mix in some of his older drum n bass filth with his funkier recent tracks.

11. CJ Beatz is a familiar name from Radio 1Xtra, where his show brings the best music to the masses! He’s a guy doing big things at the moment, so expecting a BIG show at Boardmasters!

12. Utah Saints have contributed some dangerously good anthems to my playlist over the years, so it would be criminal to miss them at Boardmasters. Expecting Something Good from the boys!

So there is our dirty dozen for Boardmasters 2012 . . . . let’s hope we don’t get any set time clashes! There are loads of other enticing names on the line up as well, so we'll hopefully fill in the gaps between these guys with some more great performances and some top notch boardwork and artwork (courtesy of Looking Sideways) down at Fistral beach! For anyone coming to Boardmasters we will see you there! And here is the full line-up, a map of this year’s site and a video of some of the big sets from 2011 to get you in the mood! As if you weren’t already moist! ;)

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Elite Force Boat Party 2012 - The Aftermath

Despite some impressive ceiling slapping, floor smashing action from a merry crew of nutters, somehow the boat didn't sink . . . a bloomin' miracle!

Elite Force, Evil Nine, Peo De Pitte, The Freestylers, The Loops of Fury and co did their very best to explode the ear drums and blood vessels of those brave enough to step aboard but, by some miracle (and to the best of my knowledge) nobody went overboard, and those with energy enough left to spare after de-boating were reinforced by a fresh influx of stompers, bouncers and general bass-loving bellends for the after party at Jamm.... and no one as disappointed.

Parts of the night that I remember through a series of massive (and occasionally worrying) blank patches:
- some proper sound kiwi fellas (sorry, no way I'm going remember any names!)
- several people, including myself, almost punching holes through the ceiling on the boat
- Elite Force's on-boat set ripping new arseholes right, left and centre (see video clip on our Facebook wall!)
- desperately trying not to chunder whilst being forced to close my eyes on the bus to Jamm, so that a mysterious Egyptian girl could apply eyeliner to my face (chunder averted. Win.)
- arriving at Jamm to some monstrous beats and bass in room 2
- being helped, by some poor guy who was clearly off his mango, to remove eyeliner (that shit doesn't come off!) - and on the off chance that you're reading this buddy, and to reassure you for the 400th time, no, that doesn't make us gay. I know you were worried, thanks for your best efforts.

Let's just agree that it was another bloody brilliant night organised by Elite Force, U&A Recordings and the Supatronix boys, and pulled off smoother than an Amsterdam Vaseline salesman. Check out a selection of tracks and free downloads below, courtesy of the array of talent who dropped bombs and raped earholes (metaphorically?) all night.

It is very hard to write a review of an event where my memory is hazier than my nan's conservatory after a blaze up, but luckily Jitesh from Hybridesque Photography was there again with his monster camera to capture the good, the bad and the face-meltingly ugly from all angles.
Check his album here - some quality work! Roll on next year!

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's all about... Elite Force

Right now there's one guy who you just can't avoid . . . and for good reason!

Not only is the epic Elite Force Boat Party 2012 merely days away, but this week Mr Simon Shackleton has also released the final track in his monster, 18 track, free RVMPD2 EP!

Each week for the last 18 weeks we've waited with baited breath (and a bit of a semi) for the next instalment, which has seen Elite Force add his finishing touches to tracks from Doctor P, Mord Fustang, Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Wolfgang Gartner, Flux Pavilion, Stanton Warriors, Flinch and Skrillex, and to be honest, there isn't a bad one amongst them! There are, however, a few that stand out as particularly awesome, so the following come highly recommended by Funk and Filth:

- Got 2 Know This Way (RVMPD) - Flux Pavilion, Ajapai, Nero
- Rumour (RVMPD) - Adele, Elite Force
- Watch Out (RVMPD) - Doctor P, Elite Force

The last of these three was so good that it featured in our Sound Dock Roadtest earlier this year - great production and a beastly bass line!

Click here to download the whole EP for free, or check out the RVMPs individually below.

Now, I mentioned a little boat party a minute ago didn't I?! Well, the 2011 boat party was little short of immense, and the 2012 instalment of bass, beats and boat is on the horizon . . . . and promising to smash the shit out of last year's dangerously big night! Evil Nine are joining Shack aboard the Dutch Master River Cruiser (bigger boat than last year!), and with an after party line-up that includes Peo De Pitte, The Loops of Fury, The Freestylers, Warrior One and Jurassik, you can see why the excitement levels are so high!

If you're quick enough (and lucky enough) you might be able to grab one of the last remaining tickets here, otherwise you may have to wait for the inevitable Funk and Filth review in a couple of weeks once we've all recovered. While you wait for the carnage report, enjoy this free download of Elite Force's set from the 2011 boat party to see what the noise is all about.

Luckily Jitesh from Hybridesque Photography was there to photograph the night, check out his awesome album right here, plus a selection of his shots at the bottom of this post.

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Photos thanks to Jitesh at Hybridesque Photography: