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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Elite Force Boat Party 2012 - The Aftermath

Despite some impressive ceiling slapping, floor smashing action from a merry crew of nutters, somehow the boat didn't sink . . . a bloomin' miracle!

Elite Force, Evil Nine, Peo De Pitte, The Freestylers, The Loops of Fury and co did their very best to explode the ear drums and blood vessels of those brave enough to step aboard but, by some miracle (and to the best of my knowledge) nobody went overboard, and those with energy enough left to spare after de-boating were reinforced by a fresh influx of stompers, bouncers and general bass-loving bellends for the after party at Jamm.... and no one as disappointed.

Parts of the night that I remember through a series of massive (and occasionally worrying) blank patches:
- some proper sound kiwi fellas (sorry, no way I'm going remember any names!)
- several people, including myself, almost punching holes through the ceiling on the boat
- Elite Force's on-boat set ripping new arseholes right, left and centre (see video clip on our Facebook wall!)
- desperately trying not to chunder whilst being forced to close my eyes on the bus to Jamm, so that a mysterious Egyptian girl could apply eyeliner to my face (chunder averted. Win.)
- arriving at Jamm to some monstrous beats and bass in room 2
- being helped, by some poor guy who was clearly off his mango, to remove eyeliner (that shit doesn't come off!) - and on the off chance that you're reading this buddy, and to reassure you for the 400th time, no, that doesn't make us gay. I know you were worried, thanks for your best efforts.

Let's just agree that it was another bloody brilliant night organised by Elite Force, U&A Recordings and the Supatronix boys, and pulled off smoother than an Amsterdam Vaseline salesman. Check out a selection of tracks and free downloads below, courtesy of the array of talent who dropped bombs and raped earholes (metaphorically?) all night.

It is very hard to write a review of an event where my memory is hazier than my nan's conservatory after a blaze up, but luckily Jitesh from Hybridesque Photography was there again with his monster camera to capture the good, the bad and the face-meltingly ugly from all angles.
Check his album here - some quality work! Roll on next year!

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