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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Foamo

How I've failed to post anything about Foamo before now I'll never know! He's clearly got some skills and, as a High Wycombe boy, he's based somewhere just around the corner from Funk and Filth Towers! So here is a little homage to Wycombe's favourite son.

Real name Kye Gibbon, Foamo has found fame as a Chew The Fat resident, and also at Space on the white isle, and is often heard DJing and producing alongside the equally talented RackNRuin in their combined alter ego of Gorgon City - at places such as the spectacular Arcadia stage at Boomtown recently, and hopefully at Bestival again very soon!

With an extensive list of tracks and remixes in his back pocket, even those who claim they've never heard a Foamo track before can probably be proven wrong pretty quickly . . . La Roux remix sound familiar?? Here it is along with a selection of free downloads from the man. Cheers mate.

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The Best of the Best: Volume 1 Mixed By Fifties

What's better than a free download?

Errr, how about a whole free mix packed full of loads of tasty free downloads??!

And how about every single track included has been painstakingly picked by fellow funky filthsters over at Life Support Machine, then expert mixed together by the hands of a certain Fifties, and delivered right to you, right here, right now, having received two massive thumbs up from Funk and Filth along the way!

Download the mix for free just below where your eyes are looking right now, or head over to Life Support Machine and help yourself to their wide array of awesome! :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bestival 2012 Cometh

What’s that I see on the horizon?

It’s big.
It’s loud.
It’s messy.

It’s only bloody Bestival isn’t it!!!

Bestival 2011 was immense, and if the line-up for 2012 is anything to go by, this year is going to be even better! Now let’s not mess about, here’s who we are looking forward to seeing.

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Borgore – it’s going to get naughty during his set! Free download from his bandpage right here.

Murkage – after the boys decimated the Desperadoes dome at Boardmasters I’m expecting them to seriously bring it at Bestival!

Nero – Big big things from these British boys the last couple of years, making them a global household name!

SBTRKT – Something a bit different. But something a bit bloody good too.

Scroobius Pip – A guy with a mic who actually has lyrics worth listening to. Proper good stuff. Free download here.

Sub Focus – One of those who rode the crest of the drum and bass wave to the warm, sandy shore of dubstep superstardom. Always puts on a good set!

Azealia Banks – Any excuse to play this video. The Isle of Wight may sink into the channel when this one drops!

Billy Daniel Bunter – Awesome to see the rave legend! Last time I think was at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes . . . long time ago!

Doctor P and Flux Pavillion - Guaranteed 100% utter filth.

Foamo – Don’t remember ever seeing a Foamo set (that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen one, things often get messy!) but would be awesome to catch this! His remix of Rudimental’s big summer track along with RackNRuin in their Gorgon City guise.

General Levy – The legend. That is all.

Koan Sound – Big beats and beastly bass, just how I like it :)

Krafty Kuts – Not a chance on earth I’m missing his set!

The Nextmen – Mix and match mashup mayhem = party time!

Shy FX – Can he top his set at Boardmasters a few weeks ago?

Click here for free download.

There's also the insanely epic Slamboree, plus Congo Natty, Trolley Snatcha, Dub Pistols, Skepta, Skream & Benga, TEED, Bassnectar, DJ Yoda, LTJ Bukem, Dan le Sac, Chas and Dave, Mr Motivator and many more!

See you on the other side! ;)

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Funk and Filth guest post on the bass-tacular Life Support Machine Blog!

Funk and Filth guest post featuring on Life Support Machine. Head over and check out the awesome Keep Rocking free download from High Rankin, it will have you looking like a bulldog chewing on a wasp! CLICK HERE.

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Lady Waks

Women don't come much more perfect than Aleksandra Waks.
She's good looking, eccentric, ambitious, artistic, oh and did I mention, she's a shit-hot DJ, producer, promoter and, more recently, clothes designer too!
Call me ;)

From her early days promoting and DJing, she has progressed onto a massive scale and, as Lady Waks, is arguably the most recognisable DJ to have come out of Russia. She's the mastermind behind the legendary In Beats We Trust nights, a foundation which has seen her move on to play all over the world, win a fist full of Breakspoll nominations and also a Breakspoll win for her regular slot on Russia's biggest radio station, Radio Record.

All the logo and design work for her flyers, posters, stickers etc is done by her own fair hand too, and along with her clothing range, there literally is nothing that she can't turn her hand to.

If you haven't heard of Lady Waks then you probably shouldn't be allowed outdoors unattended, so it's probably best you pull up a comfy chair, turn the volume up to 11, and enjoy her works right here, right now. Free downloads too. Isn't she lovely.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Bare Noize

Bare Noize are a duo (I'm sure there used to be a third one?) from London, who specialise in bass. Big, fat, dirty, sweaty, nasty, contagious bass.

Oliver Pile and Daniel Brown have been sharing their dirty music for a few years now, producing their own original stuff, but also filthing up the work of others with their trademark remix style. Amongst their back catalogue you'll find remixes for Skrillex, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, DaVIP and (I shit you not) Lady Gaga!

The immediate future has the boys playing Wobbleland in San Jose, and at EDC in Puerto Rico lining up alongside fellow heavyweights Andy C, Delta Heavy, Datsik, Downlink and Figure - I'm sure there must be laws about having that lot together in the same place at the same time! - and a tour around the U.S. alongside Datsik . . . nice.

Below you'll find some free downloads from Ollie and Danny, and I've included Plant Food as well, as it was the tune that really brought them to my attention a while ago, naughty stuff!

New lines just added to the Funk and Filth Shop

Monday, 20 August 2012

Headphones from the UK DMC Turntablist Champion . . . JFB's Launch Party!

When I heard that JFB was throwing a bit of a party in London town my ears pricked up.
When I heard he was being joined by A.Skillz, Ed Solo and Jurassik I was very, very excited.
And when I heard it was all about launching JFB's new headphones, which at first look appear dangerously sexual and, I am reliably informed, pretty much completely indestructible, I was all over this event like a cheap suit!

Cargo, in Shoreditch, is the venue for the big night, where UK DMC Turntablist champion JFB will launch his cans, which he has worked on with GermanMAESTRO to develop the perfect DJ headphones. It's no secret that we love a good pair of musical earmuffs here at Funk and Filth, hence our Funky Filthy Headphone Roadtest earlier this year, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these badboys, and will let you know how they stack up asap!

But for now, until we convene in Shoreditch on 30th August 2012 for some serious turntablism and dangerous floor stomping, let's enjoy some of the best free downloads these guys have conjoured up . . . and these are the mutt's nuts of mixes! Scroll down the page and help yourself!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Boardmasters 2012 : Monstrous basslines, pregnant bellies and a guy with a horse's head

Boardmasters 2012 is over, and whilst the diligent people are picking up the rubbish from Fistral Beach, many others are picking up the pieces of their lives in an attempt to recover from another huge weekend in Newquay!

Funk and Filth predicted who the best sets would be from a couple of weeks ago . . . but who actually knocked our socks - and other undergarments - off over the weekend?

The atmosphere for Krafty Kuts was as charged as ever, and the big man delivered another face-chewingly epic set to an Unleashed arena full of lunatics . . . think mosh pit action, glow stick warfare and the dangerously unpredictable dance stylings of the ever present man wearing a horse's head, who seemed to stalk me the entire festival and who still haunts my dreams!

Well wax my snatch and call me Mandy! The Snatch the Wax DJs flung out a set that was nothing short of fan-flipping-tastic! The Friday evening set from Kristoff and Max was surely the point when most people found their festival warm-up period toppling over the edge of a funk chasm into a pit of absolute filthy fun, and the party really got started. As soon as that first bassline rumbled out it was clear that STW had come to seriously have it . . . and judging by the crowd reaction so had everyone else! This was the moment when Boardmasters 2012 truly arrived!! And it arrived all over everyone's face! Lucky the STW boys were protected by their tasty Funk and Filth T Shirt armour! ;) [Get yours here]

The Dancefloor Outlaws delivered a floor stomping monster of a set, funky as hell, and lapped up by the assembled masses who had turned up to throw some shapes! This was also the first time I'd seen their female vocalist, whom I believe is called Robyn Green (apologies if it turns out I got that wrong!) and she was something damn special! A proper old school style voice, which sounded so damn good it was hard to believe she wasn't miming (she wasn't by the way) and was an awesome breath of fresh air to add to the already epic Dancefloor Outlaws setup! Big stuff!

Anyone who caught the recent Funk and Filth post bout Shy FX will know that he is a firm favourite here, and judging by the crowds who swarmed over the Desperadoes tent on Saturday night, he's massively popular with loads of others too. There were people queuing as far as you could see, and chancers leaping the fence to dash into the crowd, before being hauled back out by the substantially outnumbered security staff, and there was, of course, a set from Shy of truly monumental proportions . . . it was drum and bass the way it should be done: fucking massive.

There were tasty tasty sets too from Pyramid, Deekline, Rudimental, Murkage, Utah Saints and all the guys on the decks down at the Denture Disco, but the show was completely stolen by the Duke boys. Three guys from Cheltenham who turn up with nothing but 3 mics, one guitar and enough energy and talent to smash the absolute granny out of the Desperadoes tent, as I've seen them do several times in recent years! There are no tricks with Duke, no sampler, no loop pedals, it's all performed there and then! They sing well, Flynn the Irish Arnold Rimmer lookalike is a bang tidy guitarist, and Marco and Ed are improvisational beatboxing at its absolute zenith. I've seen the likes of Rahzel and Beardyman performing live, and I can attest that these boys are perhaps even more exhilarating and impressive than the rest! Next level stuff.

The weekend was made complete by glorious sunny weather for the crowds down at Fistral Beach, who had gathered either for the surf or for the other sights and sounds, including the Looking Sideways art trail, which was completed live over the weekend, and showcased some funky-ass artwork from some great current artists, check out some of the finished pieces below! Now roll on Relentless Freeze festival . . . !

DUKE - Smack my Blow from Thirteen Degrees on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Shy FX

As if the line-up for Relentless Boardmasters 2012 wasn’t awesome enough already, the guys in charge only went and added some more massive names to the list, including Breakage, Murkage, the consistantly impressive Duke boys, the legendary Deekline and the one and only Shy FX!

Shy FX is pure drum and bass pedigree at its best. Without even hearing a beat, the name itself conjours up countless (very patchy) memories of blagging my way into a dirty Sanctuary warehouse as a 16 and 17 year old, wearing my Adidas joggers and Reebok classics, and spending the night pounding the floor along with several thousand nutters in a very large, very dark, very noisy room . . . ahh good times.

Throughout the mayhem of those nights, when we’d see the likes of Mampi Swift, Brockie, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Hype, Skibba and Shabba, and almost certainly at some point take an ill-advised stumble over to the Fasttrack arena for a little bit of Hardcore - “ya know, just to break up the DnB a bit” - there was always one guy whose sets were guaranteed to take the bassline destruction up another level – Shy FX.

His list of releases and remixes sounds like a history lesson in Jungle, scrap that, more like a masterclass in combined Jungle and Drum and Bass! I’m talking about:
Original Nuttah, Chopper, Ra, Shake Your Body, Feelings, Don’t Wanna Know, Rock the Boat, Mercy, (even non Jungle fans must recognize a couple of those tunes) plus loads more! His more recent work has seen him turning his production work to remixes and original tracks for some big names, including many of the tracks on Dizzee Rascal’s last two albums, and this impossibly uplifting remix of Hold You by Gyptian from a couple of years back. Big tune.

Click here for free download.

But hold on, I hadn’t finished reminiscing about nights at the Sanctuary! The picture wouldn’t be complete without the mandatory trip upstairs into the Old Skool room - “where the real mess-heads are” - with the floor-to-ceiling speakers and the wobbly floor that must surely have been on the verge of falling through at any point, and not forgetting the walk back to the station as broken men at 8am the next morning, often in January, and often also minus some items of clothing that had been discarded throughout the carnage (I have one distinct memory of breaking back into the Fasttrack warehouse in the morning to retrieve my socks. My shirt remained lost. It was New Years Day. It was fucking freezing.)

So there remains only one thing to do . . . bask in the glory of Shy’s creations by listening below, and there’s also a link to grab a cheeky free download of his Raver REMIX EP . . . and then just wait for Boardmasters and let him do his thing. Hopefully the socks will stay on this time.

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