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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Shy FX

As if the line-up for Relentless Boardmasters 2012 wasn’t awesome enough already, the guys in charge only went and added some more massive names to the list, including Breakage, Murkage, the consistantly impressive Duke boys, the legendary Deekline and the one and only Shy FX!

Shy FX is pure drum and bass pedigree at its best. Without even hearing a beat, the name itself conjours up countless (very patchy) memories of blagging my way into a dirty Sanctuary warehouse as a 16 and 17 year old, wearing my Adidas joggers and Reebok classics, and spending the night pounding the floor along with several thousand nutters in a very large, very dark, very noisy room . . . ahh good times.

Throughout the mayhem of those nights, when we’d see the likes of Mampi Swift, Brockie, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Hype, Skibba and Shabba, and almost certainly at some point take an ill-advised stumble over to the Fasttrack arena for a little bit of Hardcore - “ya know, just to break up the DnB a bit” - there was always one guy whose sets were guaranteed to take the bassline destruction up another level – Shy FX.

His list of releases and remixes sounds like a history lesson in Jungle, scrap that, more like a masterclass in combined Jungle and Drum and Bass! I’m talking about:
Original Nuttah, Chopper, Ra, Shake Your Body, Feelings, Don’t Wanna Know, Rock the Boat, Mercy, (even non Jungle fans must recognize a couple of those tunes) plus loads more! His more recent work has seen him turning his production work to remixes and original tracks for some big names, including many of the tracks on Dizzee Rascal’s last two albums, and this impossibly uplifting remix of Hold You by Gyptian from a couple of years back. Big tune.

Click here for free download.

But hold on, I hadn’t finished reminiscing about nights at the Sanctuary! The picture wouldn’t be complete without the mandatory trip upstairs into the Old Skool room - “where the real mess-heads are” - with the floor-to-ceiling speakers and the wobbly floor that must surely have been on the verge of falling through at any point, and not forgetting the walk back to the station as broken men at 8am the next morning, often in January, and often also minus some items of clothing that had been discarded throughout the carnage (I have one distinct memory of breaking back into the Fasttrack warehouse in the morning to retrieve my socks. My shirt remained lost. It was New Years Day. It was fucking freezing.)

So there remains only one thing to do . . . bask in the glory of Shy’s creations by listening below, and there’s also a link to grab a cheeky free download of his Raver REMIX EP . . . and then just wait for Boardmasters and let him do his thing. Hopefully the socks will stay on this time.

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