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Monday, 20 August 2012

Headphones from the UK DMC Turntablist Champion . . . JFB's Launch Party!

When I heard that JFB was throwing a bit of a party in London town my ears pricked up.
When I heard he was being joined by A.Skillz, Ed Solo and Jurassik I was very, very excited.
And when I heard it was all about launching JFB's new headphones, which at first look appear dangerously sexual and, I am reliably informed, pretty much completely indestructible, I was all over this event like a cheap suit!

Cargo, in Shoreditch, is the venue for the big night, where UK DMC Turntablist champion JFB will launch his cans, which he has worked on with GermanMAESTRO to develop the perfect DJ headphones. It's no secret that we love a good pair of musical earmuffs here at Funk and Filth, hence our Funky Filthy Headphone Roadtest earlier this year, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these badboys, and will let you know how they stack up asap!

But for now, until we convene in Shoreditch on 30th August 2012 for some serious turntablism and dangerous floor stomping, let's enjoy some of the best free downloads these guys have conjoured up . . . and these are the mutt's nuts of mixes! Scroll down the page and help yourself!

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