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Friday, 24 August 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Lady Waks

Women don't come much more perfect than Aleksandra Waks.
She's good looking, eccentric, ambitious, artistic, oh and did I mention, she's a shit-hot DJ, producer, promoter and, more recently, clothes designer too!
Call me ;)

From her early days promoting and DJing, she has progressed onto a massive scale and, as Lady Waks, is arguably the most recognisable DJ to have come out of Russia. She's the mastermind behind the legendary In Beats We Trust nights, a foundation which has seen her move on to play all over the world, win a fist full of Breakspoll nominations and also a Breakspoll win for her regular slot on Russia's biggest radio station, Radio Record.

All the logo and design work for her flyers, posters, stickers etc is done by her own fair hand too, and along with her clothing range, there literally is nothing that she can't turn her hand to.

If you haven't heard of Lady Waks then you probably shouldn't be allowed outdoors unattended, so it's probably best you pull up a comfy chair, turn the volume up to 11, and enjoy her works right here, right now. Free downloads too. Isn't she lovely.

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