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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

JFB - Music To My Ears

Regular visitors to Funk and Filth will know that we love a good pair of cans, and they might also remember a few weeks back we were very excited about the impending launch of some new headphones.
Not just any old headphones mind you, these are JFB's new headphones and, not only did we get a chance to try them out at the launch party, we've had a pair pretty much surgically attached to the old noggin for the last week and we can confirm, they are pretty damn good!

The two times DMC champion has teamed up with noise-making-equipment gurus GermanMaestro to put together the JFB 8.35D signature headphones, and they've aimed to make a pair of cans that can be used during live DJ performances as well as at home in the studio, or when travelling.
The launch party was a daddy of night, with A.Skillz and Ed Solo dropping massive sets either side of the magician that is JFB. JFB was on top form, taking turntable showboating to the next level! Even A.Skillz preferred to go on the decks before him, knowing what a hard act he is to follow! ;)

It was on this night that I first got a pair of the JFB headphones on my bonce and, even though I was a mere 20 feet from speakers taller than myself, thumping out some big baselines, the noise cancelling on the headphones immediately impressed! Since that night we've been thumping tracks from Stanton Warriors, Knife Party and Odissi (all available for free download below) through these retro-styled bad boys, all of which prove that the sound quality is pretty much spot on! Add to this the fact that they are nearly indestructible - seriously, I reckon after a nuclear blast all that would be left would be cockroaches wearing JFBs! - and you've got yourself a pretty sweet deal!

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