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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Piecing Together Bestival 2012

OK, so I knew from last year's effort that Bestival was going to be a pretty hazy memory, but looking back at our original 'who-we've-gotta-see' list it is pretty impressive how many of these must-sees that I completely-failed-to-see-whatsoever!

Amongst the patches of memory that remain - which include some great sunny weather, a freezing cold tent, lots of bacon wraps, THE INCREDIBLE JOHN MONTY, Hip Hop Karaoke, a naked man painted head to toe in gold bodypaint and some uncharacteristically sanitary festival latrines - we did catch some pretty awesome sets from the following people, free downloads below.

Koan Sound - These boys are the future. Fact. And they cemented this by rocking up at midday on the first day of the festival with the firm conviction that they were going to rip new ones right, left and centre! Awesome sets full of monster bass, like this...

Flux Pavilion - Bumped up from the Big Top arena to the bloody main stage at the last minute, he stomped out a massive set as things started to get pretty messy on the first day!

Krafty Kuts - The highlight of Bestival! Not only did we see him play the Roller Disco in the evening, but he topped off the whole weekend with a colossal set at Arcadia on the Sunday night! And he included the Electric Soulside monster in his final set! Boom!

Stanton Warriors - The Warriors certainly came out to play, and tore up the Arcadia stage in standard warriors fashion!

There was also some main stage hilarity and crazy dance moves from the Cuban Brothers, some vocal showboating from the legend that is General Levy, a menagerie of bassline monsters from DJ Die, Dan le Sac's Big Beat Chop Shop, dirty beats and pretty flashing lights from Sub Focus, and the lyrical stylings of the one and only, Jedi-reflexed, glowstick dodging Scroobius Pip!

Big weekend. Time for another shower I think. I may never be clean again.

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