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Monday, 29 October 2012

Freeze Festival 2012

Freeze certainly lived up to it’s name, as temperatures plummeted on the banks of the Thames this weekend. . . . but luckily the acts were all on form to get the crowds warmed up and the extra layer of warmth provided by the beer jacket definitely helped too.

The Freeze experience started with a bang, as the Snatch The Wax boys got the blood pumping, and given the fact that some nutters were not wearing a lot I think STW may have actually saved a few lives by getting people up and dancing! Great set, and a sign of things to come for the weekend!

The Desperados tent again had a lot of the best acts, with Duke still on top form fresh from their X Factor experience, performing vocal wizardry and beatbox mashups which shouldn’t work in theory, but are somehow awesome! Deekline also took his understated approach to DJing to the next level, his attitude screaming “Yeah I’m wearing a seriously dodgy shirt and some questionable headwear, but f**k you, I’m Deekline and I came to drop some serious beats!” And he did – his breaks rework of Niggas In Paris was possibly the best tune of the weekend!

Major Look were the surprise package of the festival in my opinion, having seen them at Boardmasters earlier this year I knew they were pretty good, but they got better. I didn’t like their hair, and I didn’t like their jackets, but let’s be fair, I was wearing an anorak when I watched them and Funk and Filth towers aint exactly Vidal Sassoon, so who am I to comment! What mattered was that the guy on the decks dropped some massive tracks, and the fella on the mic could actually MC, nicely done.

The Saturday line-up didn’t disappoint either. Shy FX was quality yet again, and my eardrums welcomed the return of the sounds of Wookie dropping a bit of garage, but I think Stanton Warriors and Public Enemy competed for the best overall act of the weekend. It’s a testament to UK breaks music that Stanton Warriors got an even bigger crowd than Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson who, despite being the “big names” on the Friday night, played a dull set of what can most kindly be described as ‘generic beats’. The fact that House of Pain’s Jump Around was pretty much the only track in their set that got any sort of positive reaction serves to demonstrate how yawn-worthy their performance was, and I almost felt embarrassed for Mark Ronson, one of the best genuine international talents the UK has produced in recent years, that he has attached himself to the third biggest c**t the BBC has ever employed, behind Moyles and Savile.

All-in-all another great weekend put on by the Relentless crew, which brings to a close the UK festival scene for 2012. As I snip the Freeze wristband off I’m suddenly aware that the next time I will have one on may well be for the big G in June next year! Oh yes!!!

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