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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Journey Into Filth: Exclusive Re-Filths From REL1!

This is a story fraught with danger.

This is a story packed with peril.

But above all, this is a story absolutely dripping in bass!!

It started when we were walking through the wilds, when we came across a wild DJ, known to terrified locals as REL1. Using berries we managed to coax him from his lair and cowed him into submission with a sharpened stick, the whole time taking our lives in our hands! But why, I hear you ask, why would we put ourselves through such terrors!? Well, we needed to tame him to use his legendary skills to craft a new weapon for DJs across the land.

We needed something that could destroy dancefloors and send crowds mental.

We needed beats beyond belief and basslines that would make the weak of heart weep.

We needed him to re-filth some already nasty tunes with his trademark bassline badass-ery!

And did REL1 deliver? Oh hell yeah! Not one, but TWO weapons of bass destruction, re-filthed exclusively for Funk and Filth, and served up right here, right now, for you two download for free!

First up is his Funk and Filth Re-Filth of Mr Nice Guy by Bro Safari & Knuckle Children and - those of a nervous disposition be warned - there are only a few who can appreciate what is about to happen!


And if that wasn't enough to have you dangerously hyped or a quivering wreck in the corner already, the man from Atlanta has also applied the same treatment to Deadweight by Zomboy, demonstrating that he can take something already grimey as hell and crank it up another notch!


As the wild man from Georgia retreats back to his lair to stir his cauldron of dirty ass beats we say, arm yourself with these DJ weapons for in todays world, it is best to fight filth with filth! ;)

If you like this, then check out the free Funk and Filth Minimix that Deckscar smashed together for us, free download right here.

More garms in the Funk and Filth Shop.

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