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Monday, 19 November 2012

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Marten Hørger Exclusive Interview

He may seem like a relative new kid on the block, but Marten Hørger has been on the scene longer than you think, and has gained support along the way from some of the best DJs and producers in the business, thanks mainly to his textbook remixing, quality production, party animal reputation and just generally being an all-round nice guy!

From his earlier days DJing as a 15 year old in underground venues in Germany, Marten has partied his way around the world taking any crowd brave enough along for a ride to remember, and picked up many friends along the way. Championed by Funk and Filth favourites Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts and DJ Icey, amongst many others, he has recently teamed up with best-bud Leeroy Thornhill (yes, him what used to tinkle the ivories with The Prodigy) as Smash HiFi, churning out some monster beats and bass lines.

We grabbed some precious moments with one of the busiest men around at the moment, to talk through some important shizzle...

Looks like you’ve had a pretty busy 2012 so far, and delivered some great sets and mixes. What has been your highlight of this year up until now? What else have we got to look forward to from you before the end of the year?

Thanks! And yes, it´s been a great year so far. I love what I do even more than ever. Despite all the amazing travels and awesome events that I was able to be part of this year, my absolute highlight was that I was really taking time to make music in the studio.
I concentrated more on that this year rather than trying to play as many gigs as I could. I´m not the guy that makes music on the road so these are two separate things for me
That being said I was able to get so much done, so there will be a lot of music coming out, I don´t want to talk about it until it´s really happening

What do you use as the main inspiration for your music? Was there a particular genre or artist that you listened to a lot of when you were a kid?

I grew up with 90s HipHop, i´m still in love with the warmth and the groove of those tracks. Then The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Plump DJs etc came along, and then I stumbled into all things techno/electro in Germany. (I mean the real oldschool electro!)
In terms of inspiration I have to say I listen to EVERYTHING back home.

You get to DJ all over the place, to crowds of all sizes. What’s your favourite venue or event to play, and what makes it so special? Is there one country at the moment that’s more mental than all the others?

My favourite event this year was Kazantip, on the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. It´s just the wildest thing I´ve seen in my whole life. Eastern Europe in general is awesome, also Australia & Canada are always amazing for me and of course my beloved south Germany.

Do you have one tune that you always have in your back pocket, ready to drop into a set to destroy the dancefloor? How has your choice of killer tune evolved over the years since you started out?

There´s a few of them. But lately I´ve been trying to steer a bit away from the obvious and get a bit more clever with my choices. On the other side it´s important to just remember that a party is a place where people want to have fun and playing something that pleases people is not a bad thing.. that´s the goal!

You can do a back-to-back set with any DJ in the world. Literally anyone. Who would you pick?

I think I would always pick my buddy Leeroy Thornhill, he´s just the best guy to hang out with. Every single time we get to play together is monsterfun!

This is a big question now . . . not musically related but very very important to us! Footwear. What’s the coolest pair in your footlocker at the moment?

Always been a fan of fashion, but never really got into footwear. So this might sound pretty stupid to sneakerfreaks but I would have to say my havaiana flip flops, just because wearing them means that it´s summer and I´m near a beach.. I love beaches!!!

Music production isn’t easy (I’ve got some pretty embarrassing early efforts to prove it!). What would be your one tip for an aspiring DJ or producer? What is the most important thing to get good at?

I think the one most important thing is to try and become unique in what you do. Try to find your own ways of doing things, take inspirations in everything you like but don´t try to be someone that is already out there. You might not be the most popular in the first place but making things different is the only way to really make your mark and move something in the long term.

. . . and finally, an important question, when you woke up this morning, were you feeling more funky, or more filthy? (Musically of course!)

Filthy . . . just like every single day for the past 30 years!! :)

What people are saying about Marten:
KRAFTY KUTS: “MARTEN HØRGER has been exceptional for me this year”
STANTON WARRIORS: “HØRGER is our favourite!"

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