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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Filth #1 - Delta Heavy


Si James and Ben Hall met each other while at University at Nottingham . . . and thank funk that they did! Because if they hadn't met and formed Delta Heavy, we would not now be being treated to the most exciting bass music act in a long time! They are one of the main reasons I'm so hyped about the current resurgence in Drum n Bass, they put on a great show and their talents stretch across genre boundaries to see them producing and mixing all sorts of filth!

As part of the current RAM Records roster they see themselves lined up alongside absolute legends like Andy C, Chase & Status, Moving Fusion, Sub Focus and a whole host of brilliant men who make nasty music!

The boys kicked off the year with a dangerously tasty remix of NERO's Must Be The Feeling and spent the rest of 2012 either throwing out similarly ridiculous remixes, or shredding dancefloors on tour around the world, delivering sets like that head in their SW4 mix below!

As Drum n Bass continues to ride the crest of a wave of popularity we can only hope that there'll be plenty more from Delta Heavy and the rest of the RAM boys in 2013!

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