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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Filth #10 - High Rankin & Tigerlight

As if High Rankin wasn't enough to fill one place on the Hall of Fame, with his unique brand of (vaguely) dubstep-related schoolboy comedy on the weekly Rankin Radio show, and his jobby-chewingly dirty tracks and remixes, we couldn't include him without mentioning the vocal talents behind the High Rankin live performance (and absolute hottie!) Tigerlight!

When he's not locked away in his radio studio in Germany, talking bollocks with one of his various co-hosts whilst the whole of Team Sexy listens on dutifully wetting (or possibly touching) themselves, Will Rankin is performing live or producing bassline dobbers such as those available below to listen/download for free! Oooh, nice dobber! We featured one of his mixes in our shortlist for Mix of the Year!

And when she's not looking ridiculously gorgeous in various modelling shoots, fighting off 'Jennie' for the affections of Team Sexy, or spitting some lyrics alongside Mr Rankin, Tigerlight is often found producing her own tracks, or teaming up with other bassline heavyweights, such as Dodge & Fuski, Far Too Loud and Document One, or sometimes lending her backing vocals as a session singer to onstage and studio performances with the likes of Beyonce, Westlife, George Michael, Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams and Rhianna! ;)

Check out some of their combined and individual tracks here, and fingers crossed for a return of Rankin Radio in the New Year. R.I.P. Keith Jobby. x

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