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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Filth #14 - Elite Force

DJ, Producer, Remixer (sorry, Re-Vamper!), Party Starter and so much more, Elite Force is also the leading contender for the title of "Most Featured Artist on Funk and Filth Ever"! (Just type his name into the 'Search' box on the top right of this web page and see how many results you get!)

This is thanks on the one hand to his notoriously amazing London Boat Parties, which have spawned many more unique party nights run by Mr Force, and on the other hand to his rather special remixing and production skills, and the fact that he offers us many of his treasures for free download!

The RVMPD2 Album was a massive highlight of 2012, when Shack released a different revamp to us every week for 18 weeks, and some of them were plain bloody brilliant!


When he wasn't floating up and down the Thames or locked away in the studio, Shack managed to find a bit of time to speak to Funk and Filth, read our Exclusive Elite Force Interview here!

More garms in the Funk and Filth Shop.

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