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Monday, 10 December 2012

Filth #16 - UFO Project

The UFO Project only hit the Funk and Filth radar in 2012, but these guys from Spain are potentially the discovery of the year!!

Their sound could be described as "filth-fuelled bassline breaks meets old school garage vibe" as there is definitely something a little bit retro in their style, and something a little bit awesome!

Their 'Sexy Bitches From Outer Space' mix was arguably one of the mixes of the year (if you haven't heard it before, listen to it NOW!) and was comprised mostly of their own tunes, of which 'Play Me', 'Take Me To The Top' and 'I'm Gonna Get You' are pure Funk and Filth gold dust!

UFO Project - Sexy Bitches From Outer Space! by Ufo Project on Mixcloud

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