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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Filth #6 - Stanton Warriors

Now it certainly is no secret that Stanton Warriors are well-established favourites here on Funk and Filth! We're never shy about sharing their work and if there's a Stanton Warriors night on anywhere nearby we'll be there in force!

For this particular post on the Warriors we've enlisted the help of the Funk and Filth Rave-Master General, the one and only B-Man, to give us his opinion on the boys . . . and there are few people in the world who can have been to as many Warrior's gigs over the years as Mr B-Man!!

"The Warriors are the dynamic duo of Dominic Butler & Mark Yardley, these 2 have been DJing and producing monsters for years and entertaining ravers all over the world, if you have never got yourself to a Stanton Sessions then you cannot call yourself a fan. Luckily for me over the years I've been to a fair few, mainly at Matter @ the O2 and Cable in London bridge.

These fellas have remixed so many tracks over the years ranging from Basement Jaxx, The Streets, Eurythmics and, how could we possibly forget, The Beach boys - Good Vibrations . . . possibly my all time favourite tune!

The pair also write and produce their own tunes - if you havent bought their latest album, The Warriors, from back in 2011 GO OUT AND BUY NOW! :D

So in 2012 I've managed to see Stanton Warriors play twice, 1st time was at Bestival on the Isle of Wight it was 1am in the morning we had all had 1 or 2 Alcoholic drinks and i was dressed like a Penguin, all I can say is that it went off!! 2nd time was at Freeze festival in London, it had been a little bit on the quiet side throughout the day and then the Warriors came on and once again they lifted the roof off thir tent and the crowd were loving it. Massive set in trademark Warrior's style!"

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