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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Funk #10 - Mord Fustang

The human spoonerism from Tallinn, Estonia is a new entry in this year's Hall of Fame, and when you listen through his array of epic tunes it's easy to see why he's straight into our top 10!

Champloo is a glitchy, wobbly, beautiful mess of beats, and definitely Mord Fustang's production highlight of 2012, but he's also been deploying his computer game influenced, electro house style (or Progressivecomplextroelectrowobblehouse as he sometimes calls it!) in all manner of original and remix projects this year. His anthemic Lick The Rainbow has featured in some of the funkiest sets from some of the biggest names in bass this year, as has Super Meat Freeze and his sound is instantly recognisable and eternally uplifting - dance bitch, DANCE!! Hoping for more greatness from Mord Fustang in the new year.

Free downloads below!

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