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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Funk #13 - Keith MacKenzie

There is not really much that needs to be said about Keith MacKenzie. The man is a living, breathing breakbeat legend, with a string of anthemic originals and remixes, and an approach to his DJ sets that can best be described as "recklessly brilliant" . . . I still have memories of a Keith MacKenzie set at Matter before it shut down which remains one of the best sets I've ever heard!

Now label boss of Illeven:Eleven records, alongside long term partner in crime DJ Fixx he remains a strong force in the U.S. (and global) bass music scenes, and if there is ever a chance for you to catch him playing a set make sure you don't miss it, you will never forgive yourself if you do!

Brand new Sound Of ILL 2 Mixtape by Keith MacKenzie and DJ Fixx available now in iTunes!

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