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Monday, 10 December 2012

Funk #16 - Frenzy

Frenzy (a.k.a. Rayvan Murphy from the good old U. S. of A.) is an ever-reliable producer/remixer who you can guarantee will take something good and re-work it into something amazing! And this is what he does on a regular basis, churning out top quality free download after top quality free download for our listening/dancing pleasure!

When he's not making or re-working serious dancefloor weaponry by himself, he plays very nicely with others! His current collaboration projects include F^K Y3AH! alongside illeven eleven's DJ Krisp, and he is also one half of 'The A Team' with fellow Funk and Filth legend REL1! Whether he is working on his own, or twiddling the nobs as part of a team, you can be sure, if Frenzy is involved, it's going to sound naughty!!

More garms in the Funk and Filth Shop.

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