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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Funk #21 - Slamboree

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #21 - Slamboree

Slamboree are a revelation, they could easily have fit into either the funk or the filth side of this year's countdown, due to the diversity of their stuff, but we've opted for funk due to the inescapably upbeat nature of their productions and performances.

And it is performances where these guys really excel. Billing themselves as a "pyro circus rave massive" this crew does not only generate some floor stomping bassline magic, but also puts on a show that is epic to behold: fire eating, acrobats, musicians, dancers and nutters of all shapes and sizes, it has to be seen to be believed, check the video below!

If you are hitting any festivals or events and Slamboree are on the line-up, DO NOT MISS THEM!

More garms in the Funk and Filth Shop.

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