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Monday, 3 December 2012

Funk #23 - Essex Groove

Funk and Filth Hall of Fame - Funk #23 - Essex Groove

Essex Groove are made up of 2 DJS (Fausto and R3) and VJ Valv, who love chopping up and messing with beats and basslines across all different genres.

These guys will unleash their remixing wizardy onto pretty much anything, including the Dub Pistols, The Beastie Boys and Basement Freaks, and they've got some turntabling skills that might make even the mighty JFB nervous! Check out the video of R3 showing off his tricks and then grab some free downloads below.

The awesome Essex Groove guys have even released one track, which is an EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD, only available here on Funk and Filth! Check out "I'm A Pusher" and click this link for your exclusive free download!

Although they spend much of their time in their native Switzerland we hope the trio will make a trip to the UK at some time in 2013, but we did manage to catch up with Fausto to see what the last 12 months has meant to the guys and what we can expect for the next 12...

"2012, what a year!!! We have 10 years turntablism background in hip-hop and funk and moved to ghetto funk / glitch hop and wobbly heavy bass about 2 years ago. But this is the year that we started to be known and make more connections on the web, which lead on to remixes, radio shows, gigs, collaborations and unexpected encounters with wonderful DJs & party people (you know who you are!). We also started production this year and learnt so much, this is another side of living music, it's time-consuming but so enjoyable.

As a start, we mainly focus on entering remix competitions as you have material to work with and a deadline to hit!
We're gonna end this year with a gig under the name of "Sideshow Kuts" warped up by Essex Groove along with Sammy Senior, Quincy Jointz and CMC&Silenta. As we say in French: 'la cerise sur le gâteau!'

2013 will be a good time to start releasing some of our own stuff, and remixes. That would be a great reward! We would also like to keep organizing local gigs to bring DJs & music we love here in Switzerland together and help people to discover it.

It's with guys like you at Funk and Filth that we're able to get ourselves known outside Switzerland. You do an amazing job digging through the crates, looking for good music and spreading it worldwide. We love to check your Blog / SoundCloud / Facebook pages because it brings us new fresh music from emerging talents, another look on well-known artists with interviews and living festivals from inside.
We just would like to say: carry on guys!"

Coming soon . . . The amazing SideShow Kuts show from Essex Groove!

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