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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Funk #3 - Krafty Kuts

Of course, the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame would not be complete without the legendary, bassline dropping, dancefloor stomping Mr Krafty Kuts!

Last year's #FandFHOF Number 1 is still in the top 3 this year, after another ridiculously funky year, where we've seen him kick the cock off dancefloors around the world! The personal highlight has to be his set on the Arcadia stage at Bestival, where nutters were going truly mental and some guy plummeted from the stage, when I checked he was ok he had no memory of even being on the stage - good times!

Mr Kuts is one of the grandmasters of funk, and a true breaks legend. When he's not travelling the world smashing out sets in all corners of the globe he's also nurturing fresh talent on his Instant Vibes label or in the studio piecing together fresh funk nuggets for us. I'm sure you all know who Krafty Kuts is, so enough of this banging on, chuck on some of his stuff below and get naughty!!

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