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Friday, 21 December 2012

Funk #5 - Benji Boko

Benji Boko is funk personified!!

You have to love him for his funky tracks, ground-breaking remixes, bad-ass hairdo and the most energetic live DJ performances you will ever see anywhere on earth!

Add to this the fact that he offers so much of his stuff to us for free download and it's clear that in Benji you've got someone who is deeply in love with his music, gifted with one of the quickest mixing fingers on the planet and dedicated to spreading the good word in the most uniquely involving way possible!

Check out what Benji had to say when we caught up with him a little while back for this exclusive Funk and Filth interview, have a look at his brand new website and please, whatever you do, make sure you catch him live at some point in the next year, his array of technology alone is a sight to behold!!

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