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Friday, 28 December 2012

Funk and Filth Exclusive Free Downloads - Happy New Year!

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All the recent Funk and Filth Exclusive Downloads are now available right here in one place for you to help yourself to.

Got a new playlist to put together? Get an iPod, iPad or MP3 player for Christmas and need to load it up with some naughty basslines? Then here you are man, check the combination of individual tracks and mixes listed below, they are all FREE to download, and have all featured exclusively on Funk and Filth in the last year!

Everything we do at Funk and Filth is free and unfunded, and we don't ask for anything from you guys in return, just that you love and share the music that the awesome artists put together. But if you did want to say a special thank you to Funk and Filth we'd love it if you could spare a couple of Quid/Dollars/Euros to sponsor Jack, the tea-making office monkey here at Funk and Filth Towers, in his charity skydive to raise money for Parkinson's UK, a registered and very worthwhile charity. If you would like to donate/sponsor Jack, please CLICK HERE.

Many thanks, and a Happy New Year to all you lovely people! :D

All the free Funk and Filth exclusive tracks and mixes right here... free download links below!

Listen to both Re-Funks right here,
then head over to the Funk and Filth Facebook page for your free downloads!

Get FREE DOWNLOADS of both Re-Funks at the Funk and Filth Facebook Page,

Funk and Filth Mini-Mix by Deckscar by Funk And Filth on Mixcloud

Individual FREE DOWNLOAD links, click for download:
> James D'Ley - All Killer No Filler M3 - Funk and Filth Christmas Exclusive Mix 2012
> REL1 - The Prodigy - SMACK MY BITCH UP (Noisia Remix - REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
> REL1 - Pegboard Nerds - REVENGE OF THE NERDS (REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
> REL1 - Zomboy - DEADWEIGHT (REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
> REL1 - Bro Safari & Knuckle Children - MR NICE GUY (REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
> Essex Groove - I'm a Pusher - Fausto Remix (Funk and Filth Exclusive)
> Deckscar - Thats The Way I Like My Adidas (Funk and Filth Exclusive)
> Deckscar - Funk and Filth Exclusive Mini-Mix
> Dancefloor Outlaws - Bass Shack

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More garms in the Funk and Filth Shop.

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