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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Papa Skunk

Papa Skunk is really Dan Scheidt, and he's one of Colorado's biggest, baddest bass cannons! He's known to chuck out a combination of glitch, dubstep, hip hop, house and electro, or what he likes to call 'Colorado Crunk'. Call it whatever you want, it's pretty damn tasty, and comes with equal measures of funk and filth . . . and if there are two things we like here, it's funk and filth!!

Releases across numerous different labels and performances all over the states have set the Skunk in a good position to go on the full bassline onslaught in 2013, and his first offering of the year is sounding pretty damn sweet! His remix of Big Tymers' Still Fly is a bouncy glitch-hop head-bobber, with an infectious bassline you are sure to be humming all day - sorry about that!

Head on over to the Papa Skunk Facebook page for your free download, or grab some more from the selection we've picked out below!

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

From The Depths . . . Exclusive Free Funk and Filth Mix!

Deep in the depths below Funk and Filth Towers we've been keeping a neanderthal-like DJ barely alive, sustained on a diet of nothing but the unwanted crusts from our chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches, and the polystyrene packaging from our Amazon deliveries . . . somehow he has survived.

Not only has he survived, but he's scrabbled around in the dark down there and managed to find enough electrical components to piece together a rudimentary pair of a decks, and a mixer crafted from an old lunchbox and the remains of a Nokia 5110.

Alerted by a scraping at the trap door underneath the pool table the other day, we lifted the hatch to see his gnarled fingers reach up into the light offering us a memory stick (fuck knows where he got that from, or how he managed to record a mix onto it, there isn't even any electricity down there!)

Anyway, we plugged his mix in, and it turns out to be twenty-nine of the filthiest minutes of our entire lives! Packed full of Funk and Filth favourites and exclusive Re-Funks and Re-Filths that you can only get here from . . . which means the cheeky bastard has also been connecting to our wifi to get his tunes!! We're gonna have to tighten up on security around Funk and Filth Towers, he's mocking us! We'll let him off this time, only because his mix is pretty damn quality!

Here is the mix, it's free to download and an absolute MONSTER, and this is the only place you can get it!! Be brave, there are some grimey basslines in there!!


Funk and Filth Exclusive Minimix Tracklist:
- Zomboy - Deadweight (REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
- Bro Safari & Knuckle Children – Mr Nice Guy (REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
- Blatwax - Revenant
- TJR - Ode To Oi (Sychosis Funk and Filth Re-Funk)
- Exetfail - Screaming Bitch (The Beat Family Breaks Re-Rub)
- The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix - REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
- Gemini feat. Greta Szabo Bech- Fire Inside (Sinder vs Ekem Re-Light)
- Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks (Sychosis Funk and Filth Re-Funk)
- Pegboard Nerds – Revenge Of The Nerds (REL1 Funk and Filth Re-Filth)
- Starkillers ft. Dj Bl3nd - Xception (Ekem Funk and Filth Re-Filth)

CLICK HERE to download all the Funk and Filth Re-Funks and Re-Filths for free!

'From The Depths", as featured on the awesome Free Breaks Blog!

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Afghan Headspin

Balls to wall people!! It's time for some pure filth from the masters of the tear out . . . Afghan Headspin!!

This is not stuff to play around with, this is the dog's bollocks of fierce, thumping breaks, and the AH guys have brought all the energy, grime and general ridiculousness from their Drum and Bass heritage (as Resonant Evil), and injected it into their 140bpm bangers. Jason Bull is the man behind Afghan Headspin, and is also part of the sickeningly good Pixel Fist, who deliver big brutal beats at a slightly lower pace, but with just as much ferocity - proving Mr Bull to be more than proficient in flinging the epitome of filth regardless of the tempo - dubstep, breaks, drum n bass, this fella has got them all nailed down!

A load of free Afghan Headspin and Pixel Fist downloads below (the 2011 AH Mix is still one of our all time favourite mixes!), as well as a blast from the past with The Mob by Resonant Evil, plus have a flick through the Juno playlists to see what else is on offer from Jason's projects!

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Funk and Filth File 'o Facts : Dub Pistols

The ultimate beats and bass headliners, Dub Pistols are genre-spanning legends of the global dance music scene. The band's tireless international touring and enviable festival schedule have spread the good word of bouncy broken beats and badass basslines around the world, and with the driving force of main man Barry Ashworth behind the wheel, it is no surprise Dub Pistols have accumulated a loyal worldwide following of nutcases to party with wherever they go!

Refusing to fit into one genre bracket you could quite easily create a Dub Pistols playlist containing Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Ska, Dub, Hip-Hop and even Rock inspired sounds, and each one is just as awesome as the last. Across their various producing, remixing and unmissable live performances the guys have made some pretty cool friends from all corners of the musical sphere [ yes, I'm well aware a sphere doesn't have corners ;) ], including remixes for Bono, Moby, Korn, Crystal Method and Ian Brown, remixes by Funk and Filth favourites such as Dancefloor Outlaws, Ben & Lex and Kouncilhouse, and collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Rodney P and even Neville Staple from The Specials . . . . that's a pretty impressive list of friends!

You can catch Dub Pistols alongside a whole menagerie of Funk and Filth's favourite music making monsters, at the upcoming Sunrise Another World Festival on the Somerset and Wiltshire Borders this May! We're talking Krafty Kuts, A.Skillz, Utah Saints, The Freestylers, Featurecast, Freerange DJs, Dancefloor Outlaws and more, all in the same place, and all funking and filthing out over one weekend! That is going to be immense, will have to get ourselves down for that one!

> Check out the Sunrise festival Facebook page here.

> Get your tickets here.

Anyway, enough talk, what you're really here for is the music, so get involved with the selection we've picked out below . . . as mentioned, there literally is something for everybody where Dub Pistols are concerned!

Loads of free Dub Pistols downloads below . . .

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Breakspoll 2013 Best Free Track Shortlist - All 44 Tracks For Free

Breakspoll voting has been live for a few days now, and the reactions to our Breakspoll 2013 Predictions have been mixed. Some people seem to agree with us, and understandably some people think we might be way off on some categories . . . it's all good craic! There have been so many great DJs, Producers, Performers, Remixers etc over the last year that we can't possibly include everyone, we've just narrowed down the extensive Breakspoll shortlists to the people we think may do well at the awards - sorry if you or your favourite doesn't feature!

What we've also done is scour Soundcloud for you and put together the ENTIRE SHORTLIST for the Best Free Track Category below, yes that's right, ALL 44 FREE TRACKS! Scroll down to listen to the whole lot and download every single one for free too!

Also below are extracts of some of the messages seen on Facebook and Twitter relating to our latest predictions, from the likes of Funkatech's James D'Ley, Mafia Kiss and Breakspoll themselves!

Have a look at last year's Breakspoll 2012 Predictions vs Breakspoll 2012 Winners, we got 5 categories spot on, and were close on a couple more, I wonder if we can do better than that this year!?

Click here to buy tickets for the awards in London on 2nd March 2013

Here are ALL 44 FREE tracks in the Breakspoll 2013 Best Free Track category
for your listening/downloading enjoyment:

Juno Records latest campaign
Juno Download now over 1 million dance tracks

More FREE DOWNLOADS, exclusives from Funk and Filth. CLICK HERE to download the whole lot for free!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Breakspoll 2013: Voting Open - Our predictions

The shortlists have been compiled and voting for Breakspoll 2013 is now officially OPEN!!

We've obviously had our ears to the ground over the last year (which explains why my teeth are broken and I have chewing gum in my hair!), so here is a run down of who we reckon could do well when this year's awards are handed out on March 2nd! You know what, the Funk and Filth predictions weren't too far off last year, let's see if we can do even better this time around!

We've picked out our top picks from the Breakspoll shortlists, and highlighted our favourites too! Where you see the Juno Player, use the |< and >| buttons to listen to different tracks from that category. Some free downloads from those involved included along the way too . . .

Click here to buy tickets for the awards in London on 2nd March 2013

2012 saw some seriously naughty tunes, too many to list here, but Soul On Fire by Electric Soulside is hard to beat!
*Electric Soulside - Soul On Fire
UFO Project - Play Me
Nick Thayer - On Top Of The World
Mafia Kiss - Who's This
Kid Panel - R U Ready

A little bit in love with the Krafty Kuts / Ed Solo collaboration at the moment, so going to have to go for that!
*Deekline & Tim Healey - Creeping (Ed Solo & Krafty Kuts Remix)
UFO Project - Take Me To The Top (Beta Remix)
Backdraft - Revolution (Davip Remix)
Mord Fustang - Lick The Rainbow (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit)
Deenk Feat Kyla - Funky Shit (Leuce Rhythms Remix)

Three of our top five are absolutely free to download! How bloody brilliant is that?! Click on the album names to go through to the free downloads! Icons Vol 3 destroying it this year!
Breakz R Boss Family: Part II - FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD!
Colombo - Abandoned Factory
Featurecast - Run For Cover
*Ghetto Funk Presents Icons Vol 3 - FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD!

DJ Headphones buyers guide

Massive respect for all these guys, as well as the ones who we haven't included in this shortened shortlist! With the likes of James D'Ley, Specimen A, Pyramid and Far Too Loud on their books, Funkatech were always going to have a really good year! Click the label names to listen to all their releases.
Ape Music
Ghetto Funk
Illeven Eleven

With releases from Funk and Filth favourites JFB and B-Side we've got to go for Radical Mixtape here, funky breaks at it's best!

The dude from Atlanta, the one and only REL1, king of the Re-Filth, has surely got to be in with a chance for this award!
Ben & Lex
Far Too Loud
High Rankin
Kid Panel
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Duo

There's no shortlist for this one, but the nod has got to go to our boy Deckscar! Check this man out, some serious skills! Check out the tune below, and click here to download it for free!

Only one guy is gonna take this crown as far as I can tell, the number one in this year's Funk and Filth Hall of Fame, Adam A.Skillz Mills!!
Krafty Kuts
Marten Horger - Exclusive Interview and Free Downloads
Mr No Hands
DJ Chamber - Exclusive Interview and Free Downloads!
James D'Ley - Exclusive Interview and Free Downloads

Again, no shortlist for this category, but if we had to pick our best new DJ from the last 12 months it has to be The Sickbot! That's if the Breakspoll police will let this loose cannon be involved! ;) Massive shout out to Se7en Deadly Breaks too, who must surely also be in with a shout!

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The Free Track shortlist took a while to appear, but it is there now! If you want some of the best free tracks, the Funk and Filth Exclusive Re-Funks and Re-Filths are the best you can get! Vote for REL1's Re-Filth of Smack My Bitch Up if you get a chance, that thing is awesome!! Click here to get your grubby hands on them all for free!
But from the original shortlist, our favourite has to be the Niko & Lyall Remix of Love Island, what a tune!

We've kept our shortened shortlist for this one purely to UK events this time. There are some truly epic events around the world, but there hasn't been much Funk and Filth international travel this year (The Funkjet is in the garage!). Bestival was next level this year!! Check out Slamboree's set below, it's a free download!!
Evening With Krafty Kuts
Freeze Festival

No shortlist, but by a distance the best small event this year for us has been the Elite Force Boat Party, except it wasn't small, it was fucking MASSIVE!!! Watch the video below and judge for yourself! Sideshow Kuts is another seriously funky up-and-coming event, and well worth voting for!

DJ Equipment - Pioneer CDJ 900

Let's not be silly, if you're reading this then you clearly have impeccable taste in music and blogs/websites [#ironicMEGALOLZ!] so we won't patronize you by suggesting you vote for Funk and Filth! ;) There are some other great blogs/sites out there too though, and you can see our favourites in the links in the right hand column on the Funk and Filth home page!

Like Funk and Filth on Facebook for exclusive free downloads.

These are the people who keep the beats pumping 24/7 and they all do a quality job! Our shout has to go to Kane FM though, if only for the awesome Fresh From The Sewer Sunday afternoon show with Turtle and Fringe Of Steel!!
Rough Tempo
Ramp FM
*Kane FM
NSB Radio

As just mentioned, we are all over Fresh From The Sewer, check out all the past shows on their Mixcloud page!

There have been some BIG live performances this year, but it's got to be neck and neck between High Rankin Live (your hosts on the night at the Breakspoll awards 2013!) and the dangerously brilliant Slamboree! Both well worth checking out!

And that's it! Enjoy all the tunage we've just thrown your way, and make sure to head over to to vote for your favourites (including Funk and Filth as best website/blog yeah??), then check back here in March to see if we predicted anything right, or if we were more wrong than sharing a bath with a relative!!

Denon DN X600 Mixersample Pack

Click the picture below to visit the Funk and Filth Shop!

Happy Monday : Fresh From The Sewer [Kane FM]

It's been a snowy weekend here in the UK, but luckily we've had some people to keep us company while we've been snowed in . . . and they brought a load of tunes with them as well! The guys over at Kane FM pipe beats and bass over the internet and straight into our ears, 24/7! [Also available on 103.7FM in Surrey & Guildford].

The pick of all the shows in the schedule has got to be the Fresh From The Sewer show, hosted by Turtle and his trusty sidekick Fringe Of Steel. Maybe it's because they have the 1pm - 3pm Sunday afternoon slot, which is normally about when I surface from the weekend and have recovered from the carnage and need a funky, filthy pick-me-up . . . or maybe it is just because they play nothing but the best basslines solidly for 2 hours!!

Head on over to the Fresh From The Sewer Facebook page and grab a free download of the guest mix by El Bomba, some proper funky stuff! And make sure to tune in at every Sunday, or if you miss the live show you can listen back afterwards on their Mixcloud page. Funk and Filth seal of approval well and truly stamped all over this one!!

El Bomba Mix Tracklist:

1: El Bomba Intro
2: El Bomba & Hidden Riddim - Put Up or Shut Up.
3: Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should (Mark Ronson Remix)
4: Martin Brew - Sand Steppin
5: El Bomba - Ripe Cherries
6: El Bomba - The Technique
7: Tom Central and Kaitain - Akama
8: Audited Beats - Freak Hop Part 4
9: Bahamadia - uknowhowwedu (el bomba remix)
10: El Bomba - That's When Ya Swing

10 Best DJ Controllers at Juno

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Funk and Filth File 'o Facts: Rory Lyons

Rory Lyons is the best of British, and a seasoned pro to boot, having decimated dancefloors at the some the best-known and most-loved club nights and festivals in the world (we're talking Creamfields, Snowbombing, Global Gathering, Ibiza and loads more!).

Recently the lad from ooop north has been ploughing extra effort into his production and these last 12 months have really seen his efforts exploding into something special! Collaborations with filthy fellas like Doorly, and propounders of the utmost funk such as Hot Pink Delorean, as well as remixes for the likes of Krafty Kuts and Drummatic Twins demonstrate not only that he plays nicely with the other boys and girls, but is also pretty damn versatile in the noise he generates.

His latest project is both a collaboration and a re-work, taking the Luniz' legendary I Got 5 On It and combining his powers with the beat-conjouring necromancy of the all-powerful Utah Saints, to deliver the first monster release of 2013! Everyone else, the standard has been set, do your worst!

Check out the Rory Lyons & Utah Saints cover of I Got 5 On It right here, as well as supporting remixes from Hoi! and the The Squatter and a VIP Remix by Mr Lyons himself (our personal favourite of the lot!), then head over to Beatport to buy using this link, or click here to download from Juno.

This being Funk and Filth there is of course also FREE music up for grabs, so check out Rory's free track that he's also released this week, a beefy bassline roller featuring the vocal talents of a certain Mr Barrington Levy . . .

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