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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Breakspoll 2013 Best Free Track Shortlist - All 44 Tracks For Free

Breakspoll voting has been live for a few days now, and the reactions to our Breakspoll 2013 Predictions have been mixed. Some people seem to agree with us, and understandably some people think we might be way off on some categories . . . it's all good craic! There have been so many great DJs, Producers, Performers, Remixers etc over the last year that we can't possibly include everyone, we've just narrowed down the extensive Breakspoll shortlists to the people we think may do well at the awards - sorry if you or your favourite doesn't feature!

What we've also done is scour Soundcloud for you and put together the ENTIRE SHORTLIST for the Best Free Track Category below, yes that's right, ALL 44 FREE TRACKS! Scroll down to listen to the whole lot and download every single one for free too!

Also below are extracts of some of the messages seen on Facebook and Twitter relating to our latest predictions, from the likes of Funkatech's James D'Ley, Mafia Kiss and Breakspoll themselves!

Have a look at last year's Breakspoll 2012 Predictions vs Breakspoll 2012 Winners, we got 5 categories spot on, and were close on a couple more, I wonder if we can do better than that this year!?

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Here are ALL 44 FREE tracks in the Breakspoll 2013 Best Free Track category
for your listening/downloading enjoyment:

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