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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life Support Machine On Fire!

I frickin love waking up with the Life Support Machine guys!
Well, not literally, but never say never hey!! ;)

This morning was particularly special for two reasons . . .

First of all, I opened my eyes to the news that the boundary-smashing Mr No Hands had released his remix of Tobacco Road (BOOM!), and that it was also available as a free download (DOUBLE BOOM)! The last couple of months have seen the no-handed wonder focussing more on the production and remixes skills that had been all too rare last year, and there is no doubt that in 2013 the fella with the (one can only assume) elbow-operated effects pad is seriously back in business!

Check out his Tobacco Road remix below, and download it for free here!

Secondly, I had only just calmed down from all the Tobacco Road induced excitement, when a second musical package lands on my desk in front of me . . . . the Second Class of 99 Mix CD thanks to the beatsmithing brilliance of Louise 'Fifties' O'Donnell, Life Support Machine's resident mixing machine!

In defiance of all genre boundaries, Fifties has leant momentarily away from the breaks and bass scene to deliver a dance down musical memory lane for anyone who can remember the nineties and noughties (let's be honest, it's all pretty hazy!)

Here's the mix, available also as a free download, and a little something to break-up a whole day of funky, filthy basslines! Indie, rock, house . . . this one contains a bit of everything!

Indulge in some bassline banter with like-minded lunatics in the new Funk and Filth Chat Room!

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