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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Funk and Filth File 'o Facts : Sychosis

Breakbeat. House. Electro . . . Alex Dias a.k.a Sychosis is the master of them all, with production and remix skills that can create head-bobbing bangers without even breaking a sweat!

Since he put together his two exclusive Funk and Filth Re-Funks for us (free download links further down this post) he's been busy in the studio, industriously sculpting the following masterpieces from giant blocks of the purest bass funk! Check out his two new tracks below, Structure and Form and Love and Happiness, including a breaks remix (our favourite of the lot!) from the downright naughty Dylan Sanders!

Have a listen to the quality Structure and Form EP below, and click through to Juno / Beatport if you fancy getting hold of any of these nuggets!! This being Funk and Filth, the Sychotic dude from California has also provided some more of his bassline monsters as FREE DOWNLOADS further down this post . . . help yourselves!!

Click here to buy this track from JUNO / BEATPORT

Click here to buy this track from JUNO / BEATPORT

Click here to buy this track from JUNO / BEATPORT

And now for some FREE DOWNLOADS from Sychosis!!!

Two exclusive free Funk and Filth Re-Funks from Sychosis!


Free Download links for these two Sychosis Re-Funks:
> TJR - ODE TO OI (Sychosis Funk and Filth Re-Funk)
> Dillon Francis - BOOTLEG FIREWORKS (Sychosis Funk and Filth Re-Funk)

and there's plenty more free goodness right here . . .

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