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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Best of the Best : April 2013

It has got to the point here at Funk and Filth Towers where we are finding and being sent so much great stuff, that to do an individual post for every artist/release would require some sort of people-trafficking effort in order to get the Funk and Filth workforce up! The good news is that this influx of awesome means a new type of Funk and Filth post: our 'Best of the Best' posts will give you bass junkies the hit you need in a bitesize round-up of the best stuff we've found.

Think of this as the tequila shot-sized blog post, and we'll still get plenty of our traditional pint-sized and bucket-of-bass-sized posts out there as well!

So without further ado, here are all the beats we've been piping into our skulls in recent weeks, as usual there are FREE DOWNLOADS scattered around the place like underwear at an orgy!

Johnny Pluse has got a brand new album on the way very soon, and here is a FREE DOWNLOAD sneaky peak at what we can expect. It's a chilled, funky little nugget that will be perfect once the sun starts shining . . . hurry up summer!! Get more from Johnny Pluse and his Bulabeats label at Juno Download.

Despite being first aired a few years ago, DJ Fresh's Gold Dust is suddenly popular again all over the commercial charts, and while we are all obviously far too cool to jump back on the commercial bandwagon, the good news for us is that the resurgence in popularity has spawned a fresh spate of remixes from the funkiest and filthiest fellas around, including this beauty from Dancefloor Outlaws Chief Noise-Maker Will Streetwise! It's a FREE DOWNLOAD of course!

Viewer discretion is advised for the saucy video for Jem Stone's latest FREE DOWNLOAD! The Hotdog Supreme video is likely to make you horny, or hungry, or both!

2 hours of the finest Funk and Filth, brought to you over the airwaves and t'interweb by the drain dwellers Turtle and FringeOfSteel at Kane FM. Their Fresh From The Sewer show is broadcast each week from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's old underground hideout, which Leonardo, Donatello and pals vacated in order to pursue careers in pizza delivery and drug dealing. The latest Fresh From The Sewer show includes an exclusive mix from the All Good Funk Alliance, and you can listen for free using the Mixcloud link below!

KFMP: Fresh from the Sewer 31.03.13 (All Good Funk Alliance Exclusive) by Kane Fm on Mixcloud

He's a Gentleman. He's called Jonny. Well then, it must be Gentleman Jonny! And this noble stalwart of funk has served us up another conglomeration of basslines for our delectation. EtiKutz Episode 2 is available below as a FREE DOWNLOAD for you fine people!

There is a BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE FREE RE-FILTH from Breakspoll award winner REL1, which features as the soundtrack to this weekend's Funk and Filth charity skydive to raise awareness of and funds for Parksinson's UK. Please check out the video below and then grab the FREE DOWNLOAD, it's another monster! If you can spare a little bit of money, please click here to sponsor this worthy cause!

The beauty of not being restricted to just one particular genre means we can share anything we like the sound of here at Funk and Filth, as long is it's got bass it's all good! So here is a tasty little electro house re-work from New York remixer Jackson Days . . . oh yeah, and it's a FREE DOWNLOAD too!

Thumper by name, thumper by nature! Grimey breakbeat filth from Rage King, who has seen his recent work getting support from BBC Radio 1 and now (drum roll please!) here on Funk and Filth! ;) Have a listen below, and head over to his Soundcloud page for more, including some free downloads!

And finally, we'll close off this first 'Best of the Best' post with a look forward to something we are proper hyped about! The first remix release on Bloxbox Records for the Snatch The Wax DJs! Their breaks re-work of I See You is sure to be an early-hours dancefloor stomper this coming festival season, and we can't wait to get our hands on it when it is released very soon!

DJ Mixers: The Ultimate Guide

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