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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Farewell Run To The Sun . . . . the final chapter was ridiculous!

Grab a load of the best DJs on the planet...
Throw in some seriously sexual automobiles...
Chuck in several thousand party people...
Now smash it all together in Newquay, turn up the sun, and cook it on HOT for three days!!
That's your recipe for the perfect weekend to see off the renowned Run To The Sun festival!!

Let's just say, it all got pretty messy, but through the haze of carnage there were still some quality, memorable performances from Monsta and DJ Fresh on the Friday night, tearing up the main arena with a dangerous combination of dubstep, drumstep, drum n bass and the usual levels of filth you'd expect from these big guns! . . . . read on for more, plus some free downloads . . .

Following a glorious day which consisted mainly of sunshine, gin and redbull, Saturday night saw the hard house take more of the centre stage, with the legendary DJ Zinc stealing the show after the main arena crowd had been warmed up by a bass music dream team . . . . What do you get if you take one half of Snatch The Wax DJs and one third of the Freerange DJs and meld them together behind the main arena decks? . . . . . . a pretty funking special combination to launch you into the penultimate night of RTTS, that's what you get!!

Sunday night was when it REALLY kicked off!! With just one night left of RTTS, everyone who was still able to stand was determined to wave a jolly cheerio to one more epic weekend in Newquay! Snatch The Wax were the party-starters once more, taking over Arena 2 for the night and filling it full of their funky, filthy, ferocious friends, all hell-bent on ripping new ones right, left and centre! There were quality sets from the STW boys themselves, as well as new project Silkworm, but a particular badman named Beaka thumped out the set that most people will remember (if they remember anything!). After that it was a bounce over to the Main Arena where DJ Hype and IC3 did what they've been doing for so many years now . . . totally annihilated it!! Already broken and battered from starting the night in arena 2, an absolute drum n bass tear-out was exactly what was needed, and the The Prototypes followed on straight after with more of the same! It was an atmosphere reminiscent of the old raves at The Sanctuary ten to fifteen years ago (some of the best nights ever!) and I'm pretty sure every single person at RTTS was still partying as the sun came up on that final ever RTTS morning. It was awesome! Roll on more festivals this summer!

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