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Friday, 17 May 2013

Fire Up The Filth Cannon : James D'Ley is a Kut Above

"Captain, rudeboys sighted off the starboard bow!"

"Well load up the filth cannon and let them have it!"

"I don't think we have anything big enough to take them down . . . hold on, what's this . . . this should do it!!"


It's in situations like this - which happen more often than you might think! - that you need some heavy firepower, and luckily
we've got weapon-makers such as James D'Ley unleashing the heavy artillery all over the place! His latest mix is crammed full of bassline warfare, starting off taking no prisoners with some Drum n Bass rollers, before switching the tempos about, but keeping the bass coming right at you!

Here are some (far more sensible) words from Mr D'Ley:

"I put this mix together to showcase not only the diversity in my current sound, but to represent a selection of "Kuts" that stand out within their genre that up until now have been a sideshow in recorded material for me. Sideshow Kuts are an Asian based events promotion with whom I will be touring in late 2013/early 2014 in association with Funkatech, so I really enjoyed delivering something exclusive for them both!" James D'Ley

Listen via Soundcloud:


Listen via Mixcloud:



1. The Upbeats - Diffused - VISION Recordings
2. Haik Adu - Plato - Free Download
3. Body & Soul - The Puppets - Mainframe Recordings
4. Excision ft Messinan -Triple X rated [ Calyx & Teebee remix )- Mau5trap
5. Engine Earz - Rouge status ft Foreign beggars - Never Say Die
6. PYRAMID - Zap Box - Funkatech Records Dub
7. The Substance - Facing Fire - [Kid Kenobi Remix]- XXL
8. Foxbeat - Discovery - Kick It Recordings
9. FLX:MODE - Out to the hardcore - Free Download
10. Daft Punk -HBFS - [Specimen A & James D'ley Remix] - Free Download
11. Singularity - Ness - Play Me records
12. Eptic - Space buisness - Never Say Die Records
13. Lynx - Disco Dodo - Creative Source
14. Dirty Phonics - Chaos - Dim Mak Records
15. Dodge & Fuski -Got 2 Come Together - [501 remix ] Disciple Recordings
16. Specimen A - Rockstar - Funkatech Records
17 Foreigner - Cold as ice - [ A Skillz & Nick Thayer Refix ]
18. Roughmath - Sound in your system ft Maksim - Spawn
19. Stoneway - Talking Funk - Funkatech Records Dub
20. Shock one ft Metrik & Kyza - Lazerbeam - [ SkiSM Remix] - Viper recordings
21. Shock one ft Metrik & Kyza - Lazerbeam - [ Original mix ]Viper Recordings
22. June Miller - Autumn to ashes - Ram Records
23. Friction & Skream - Kingpin - [ Calyx & Teebee Remix ] Shogun Audio
24. Cruk - Punisher - Ammunition recordings
25. DRKWTR - Bring Back That Funk - [James D'ley Remix] Breakz R Bozz
26. Frequency - Golden - Infrared
27. Afrowhitey ft Specimen A & James D'ley - Vapors -- Dub
28 Dodge & Fuski - Kung Fu Master - Never Say Die Records
29. Freestylers & Stereotype ft Takura- The coming storm - Rub a Duck

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Send us your photos of you in your Funk and Filth gear! CLICK HERE for details!

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