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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Best of the Best : June 2013

Right, no messing about with this month's Best of the Best, let's great straight in and show you what we are going to be thumping through our speakers throughout June! Most of it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD as well! Winner!

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Now take a deep breath, put on an extra pair of pants, and work your way through some bassline mayhem from Deekline, Dancefloor Outlaws, Fisso & Spark, Benji Boko and loads more below . . .

Right, as I said, no fucking about this month, we are tipping you in at the deep end! So we're kicking off with this dangerously sick DnB/Drumstep/Dubstep mix from Faceman! It'll blow your nipples off! FREE DOWNLOAD available here.

Let's keep the pace and bass going! This drumstep remix from Denver's Tyler Layers should come with a health warning, or at least a gum shield - mind your teeth on this one! It's a FREE DOWNLOAD of course!

Glitchy bassline beauty that skips between BPMs like it literally doesn't give a shit! Shout out to Yum Cha! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Really don't know how to classify Benji Boko's latest remix . . . apart from putting on the shelf marked "AWESOME", have a taste for yourself right here, and then head here for a FREE DOWNLOAD in return for a tweet - simple.

Time for a little breather with some chilled funk for your listening pleasure. This is gold dust guys, imagine spanking this out round a pool party this summer . . . . mmmmmmmm

FREE DOWNLOAD from the Mike T Facebook page.

So there's this fella called Deekline, not sure if you've heard of him or not? Anyway, he's gone and done some sort of remix or something, and I guess he must have done this sort of thing before because he's very good at it! ;)

FREE DOWNLOAD from Deekline's Facebook page.

Considering they are Outlaws, they are not exactly keeping a low profile, what with releasing a new EP and all! Four tracks of the utmost funk from the daddies of the dancefloor . . . Dancefloor Outlaws on the run!

Well I tell you what, this is pretty damn special! This funky, filthy nugget of bassline perfection from Staunch landed in the Funk and Filth inbox this month and it has flown straight to the top of the playlist! Get involved!

FREE DOWNLOAD on the Staunch Facebook page.

The Dynohunter boys take 'livetronica' to new levels of funk in this tasty summer bassline jam that you can't help moving to. Nice work lads. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD too.

Fisso & Spark deliver an epic new FREE DOWNLOAD which is part uplifting, orchestral masterpiece and part face-melting bassline monstrosity! Grab this Jekyll-and-Hyde of a tune now while it's hot!

Another genre-mashing mix of epic proportions from everyone's favourite gentleman! Gentleman Jonny flinging the filth in his latest FREE DOWNLOAD mix!

. . . and finally, if Breaks is your thang, then this mixtape from DJ Generator will get you salivating! Some badass tunes going on in here and, as always, it's a mother-funking FREE DOWNLOAD!

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