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Friday, 21 June 2013

Dylan Sanders - Exclusive Free Mix and Interview

Dylan Sanders is a man that can fling funk so far that we are constantly getting splattered with it, even though he is on the opposite side of the planet! We've been loving his mixes, reworks and collaborations so much recently that we had to secure an exclusive mix from the Aussie beat-slinger, as well as a good chat about the funkier and filthier things in life!

Grab your s FREE DOWNLOAD of Dylan's Funk and Filth Minimix below, containing half an hour of the biggest, funk-fuelled filth bombs known to man. This mixtape comes with a health warning, there is some serious bass business in here! Tracklist for the mix at the bottom of this post.

Chuck the mix on in the background while you read on through our exclusive interview with Mr Sanders. He tells us about his dream collaborations, music production and some of the emerging names on the bass scene for us all to watch out for . . .

Dylan Sanders - Funk and Filth Mini Mix June 2013 MP3

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We’re roughly halfway through 2013, and you’ve already been chucking out some great tracks and mixes. What has been your highlight of this year up until now? What else have we got to look forward to from you before the end of the year?

Playing at SXSW in Texas in March was definitely a huge standout. I got to rub shoulders alongside some big name producers and got to meet a ton of incredible people. Whilst I was over there, I cracked the Beatport top 100 for the first time with one of my remixes, so that week was pretty special for me.

I’m just about to move to Sydney and am going to focus more on producing, so that’ll be a big step for me. I wanna get started on my debut EP soon, so I’ll keep my head in the studio and hopefully knock out something funky & filthy for you! Have a couple of collabs lined up with Sychosis and am talking to Miami Legend LoIQ? about working together, so have plenty of projects to finish this year! There may even be another overseas trip happening later, but I can’t confirm anything yet…

What do you use as the main inspiration for your music? Was there a particular genre or artist that you listened to a lot of when you were a kid?

I was fairly versatile with my music styles growing up. I went through rock, metal, hip-hop, rap, house music and pop throughout school. I find it’s best to listen to all music with an open mind and not get caught up in it too much. Styles come and go these days so quickly. Everything inspires me, there’s so much awesome talent coming out lately because music making technology is much more accessible and affordable. These days I listen to a lot more Ghetto-Funk and soul. I’m sure in another couple of years it’ll be totally different.

I’d say Wolfgang Gartner has always been a huge inspiration from the beginning of my production career. His music has always been flawless and unmatched. He literally set the standard when his remix of Cold Act Ill by Classixx dropped and I’ve been blown away ever since. I also listen to a lot of Mord Fustang’s work. I’m jealous of his melodies, he just knows how to make a track really punch.

Where do you go to discover new music for your sets, and where do you actually buy music from? Are there any particular sites, stores or people that you get your music from?

Most of my music I receive via promo, but the real gems are found on soundcloud or on music blogs. There are a lot of unsigned artists on the verge of blowing up, you just have to spend the hours searching for them. I regularly check beatport to see what’s new and buy a lot of tunes from there but I find it’s best if you make your own mashups or edits to keep your sets unique. I try play as many of my own as I can, that way I don’t become just another ‘top 10 chart’ dj.

Are there any awesome up-and-coming producers/DJs/artists that we should look out for? Anyone that we might not have heard of?

I was lucky enough to spend some time last year in London with Jimi Needles and we worked on a couple of things. His music knowledge is very extensive and has a good ear for funky bootlegs and mashups. I’m keeping my eye on him this year and have been playing a lot of his stuff in my sets.

I also have some good mates back in Australia called Karboncopy who are making some amazing EDM stuff from their home studio. We’ve been working on a little electro house project together, I’m pretty excited about what we’re coming up with.

Also make sure to keep your eyes open for Adelaide filth guru Seek n Destroy. He showed me some of his recent work the other weekend and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. His attention to detail is mindblowing and can knock out some serious dancefloor weaponry. Very filthy.

You get to DJ all over the place, to crowds of all sizes. What’s your favourite venue/festival/event to play, and what makes it so special? Is there one country at the moment that’s more mental than all the others?

It’s hard to choose only one, that’s unfair! Hahaha. I really enjoyed my time overseas last year and had a blast playing in the US. Also the gigs I played in Southampton in England were proper mental. I hardly remember them, so that’s always a good sign! My fave event in Australia has to be Future Music Festival, it’s such a great weekend and it’s the last big festival of the season so everyone goes out with a bang.

We bloody love a good music festival!! What would be your one tip, your most important bit of festival wisdom that you would impart to Funk and Filth readers?

Wear sunscreen and always rehydrate. I’ve seen too many people forget these rules and it’s not a good look hahaha.

Is there that one special, never-fail tune that you always have in your back pocket, ready to drop into a set to destroy the dancefloor? How has your choice of killer tune evolved over the years since you started out?

Yeah, last year’s tune was Bonfire by Knife Party. That one always made a crowd go ballistic and was great to throw it in unexpectedly and see the crowd reaction. The d-floor killer’s are always changing because the music is evolving. 4 years ago I was playing a lot funkier stuff than I currently am playing in my sets. You could say back when I started I was funkier and now I’m a bit filthier!

You can do a back-to-back set or track/remix collaboration with any DJ in the world. Literally anyone. Who would you pick?

I reckon Dillon Francis would be cool to collaborate with, but we’d probably spend all our time making silly videos together and forget to make a track hahahaha.

This is a big question now . . . not musically related but very very important to us! Footwear. What’s the coolest pair in your footlocker at the moment? Help us feed our footwear fetish!

Hahahaha, I’m not really that big on footwear! I have my trusty Puma’s that I rocked for about a year throughout Europe but now they’re toast. I actually need to buy a new pair, any suggestions?

Errrm, how about these Adidas Freemonts?? Or some new suede Puma's to replace your old tried and tested dancing boots??

Music production and DJing aren’t easy to be awesome at. What would be your one tip for an aspiring DJ or producer? What is the most important thing to get good at?

My main tip is to be patient. Nothing worth doing happens overnight. It sucks to hear but you have to keep persisting and take your time with your productions.

I used to get frustrated making tracks because nothing would sound how I wanted it to. I still do get frustrated when I’m remixing something, but that’s all part of the creative process. It’s taken me 5 years to get to this level and I know I still have a lot further to go.

. . . and finally, an important question, when you woke up this morning, were you feeling more funky, or more filthy? (Musically of course!)

I was definitely feeling more filthy. But then again, I hadn’t showered for a while…

Dylan's latest remix is available from Juno Download and Beatport, have a listen here:

Dylan Sanders - Funk and Filth Mini Mix June 2013 Tracklist:
- Greg Nice vs 501 & Dodge and Fuski - Got 2 Set It Off (Dylan Sanders Mash)
- Jimi Needles and WBBL - Crash The Party (Acapella)
- Pyramyth vs House Of Pain - Cowbell Rock Around (Dylan Sanders Drag and Drop Mash)
- The McMash Clan feat. Kate Mullins - Swing Break (Original Mix)
- KRS One vs Opiou - Fizzle Tickler Police (Jimi Needles Mashup)
- Dillon Francis - Bootleg Fireworks (The Rebirth)
- Major Lazer and Flux Pavillion - Jah No Partial (Original Mix)
- Kanye West - Mercy (RL Grime Remix Tool)
- Bauuer - Harlem Shake (Cazzette Bootleg)
- Uberjakd - Bed Wif Me (Senor Roar Remix)
- Flosstradamus - Underground Anthem (Original Mix)
- Bro Safari - The Drop (Original Mix)
- Brillz, Etc! Etc! and Smile Future - Represent Your City (Original Mix)
- Coolio & Candyland - Gangster's Paradise (Dylan Sanders Edit)
- Pendulum vs MONSTA - Holdin Witchcraft (Dylan Sanders Drag and Drop Mashup)
- Morten Breum - Larva (Far Away) (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
- Shockone feat Metrik Kyza - Lazerbeam (Original Mix)
- Sub Focus vs Rihanna - Shine Bright Like Endorphins (Dylan Sanders Drag and Drop Mashup)
- Daft Punk - Get Lucky (TC Bootleg)

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