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Friday, 26 July 2013

Funky Friday with Freestylers and Walking Def - Free Downloads

We're having such a skank-out here at Funk and Filth's sunny London headquarters that we couldn't decide who to post about today!

In the end it was a dead heat between undeniable Funk and Filth favourites, Freestylers, and transatlantic funk-flinging trio Walking Def - both of whom have spanked out brand new, eardrum-corroding free basslines to fuel our current skank-a-thon!!

Aston and his freestylin pals have reworked the title track from their new album into a VIP mix that, in their own words, "bangs harder than Godzilla in a brothel" . . . and they ain't lying! The Coming Storm VIP Mix is pure Freestylers breakbeat magic! It's doing the trick on a sunny afternoon for sure, but we can just imagine this thing thumping out through some Funktion One monsters at 2 o'clock in the morning, somewhere grimey and full of the right sort of people! ;)

This FREE DOWNLOAD is only a taster of the badassness (yes, it's a word!) of the rest of the album, which you should definitely check out. If you're a lifelong breaks fan then you won't need us to tell you that, and if you're not, then what the hell have you been doing, download this now!

Wobbling ribcages on the other side of the pond are a trio of bassmongers known as Walking Def. Dubstep, Breaks, Electro, 140bpm jungle, these guys are ridiculously versatile, and can create bassline monsters at any tempo, which is pretty much exactly what they've done with their new four-track Love To Give EP!

Sports fans might recognise the Walking Def sound from this year's GoPro Superbowl advert, which featured their track Running All My Life as the soundtrack, as well as a baby with a camera strapped to its head and butt! Watch the video, check out the EP below and then download the monster of a FREE MIX that the WD boys have walloped together, featuring bassy beauties from Funk and Filth favourites such as Far Too Loud, Zomboy, Porter Robinson and the Walking Def guys as well of course!

The first ever Funk and Filth club night hits London this summer!
Click here or the flyer below for more details & tickets.

TRACKLIST: Walking Def - DefCast001:

1. Walking Def feat. Virus Syndicate - Let Me Show You (Midication)
2. Caspa feat. Diane Charlemagne - Reach For The Sky (Dub Police)
3. 501 - The Final Cut (Never Say Die)
4. Pyramid - Dangerous (Funkatech)
5. Millions Like Us - Departure (Inspected)
6. Walking Def - Love To Give (Midication)
7. Far Too Loud - Faster Than Light (No Tomorrow)
8. Duke Damont feat. AME - Need U 100% (Ministry Of Sound)
9. Autoerotique - Asphyxiation (Dim Mak)
10. Millions Like Us - Behind You (Inspected)
11. Taiki and Nulight - Take Me Up (Cheap Thrills)
12. Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle - You and Me (PMR)
13. Zomboy feat. Lady Chann - Here To Stay (Astronaut Remix) (No Tomorrow)
14. Matt Zo + Porter Robinson - Easy (Ministry Of Sound)
15. ShockOne feat. Metrik + Kyza - Lazerbeam (SKisM Remix) (Viper)
16. Habstrakt - Eat Me (Never Say Die)
17. Walking Def - Everything (Midication)
18. Rudimental feat. Angel Haze - Hell Could freeze (Skream Remix) (Black Butter)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Freefall Collective: Exclusive Free Track, DJ Mix and Interview

Like most awesome things in bass music, the Freefall Collective originate from the south coast of the UK. They draw their influence from all sorts of places and fuse it together into their own unique concoction of dub, reggae, funk, glitch and breaks . . . and as you can probably guess, it is right up our street, their live performances have been rocking all of our favourite festivals!!

We caught up with the Freefall guys to talk about their new release, Game Control, but also the other very important things in life, including afterparties, Beatrix Potter, mental Spaniards, ass-shaking, and the best bits of Glastonbury! We also persuaded them to give away an EXCLUSIVE FREE TRACK as well as an EXCLUSIVE FREE DJ MIX, only available here on Funk and Filth!
So press play on System Check below, or the Exclusive Game Control DJ Mix, and then read on . . .
(Read to the bottom of this post for free download links and tracklist for the mix!)

We’re roughly halfway through 2013, and you’ve already been chucking out some great tracks and mixes. What has been your highlight of this year up until now? What else have we got to look forward to from you guys before the end of the year?

We’ve had a great time this year so far, we’ve just been to Beatherder Festival up north – that’s a great festival, brilliant vibe. We have just released a remix on The Pooty Club of a Baymont Bross track called “Come On DJ” – we are really pleased with how that remix turned out, so check it out!

What do you use as the main inspiration for your music? Was there a particular genre or artist that you listened to a lot of when you were a kid? Do any of you have any particularly embarrassing skeletons in your musical closet?

The first Vinyl LP I bought was “Reggae owes me money” by the Ragga Twins on Shut up & Dance. But I we like anything that makes the you shake your ass basically…. Always gets the dance floor going!
There’s a few random records in the collection that have been sampled along the way… such as the tales of Beatrix potter!!!! (however I do have “weird science” on vinyl and I am not embarrassed about that at all)

Where do you go to discover new music for your sets, and where do you actually buy music from? Are there any particular sites, stores or people that you get your music from?

We get sent a lot from mates/producers and there’s a lot of people giving away their music for free music with the current state of the industry. Also if there’s an after-party at ours and people are rinsing sound-cloud and youtube then it’s quite interesting looking at the browser history the next day! . We also use Beatport quite a lot, but things often get edited up for DJ sets.

Are there any awesome up-and-coming musicians/producers/DJs/artists that we should look out for on the bass music scene? Anyone that we might not have heard of?

Its more on the Glitch vibe – but check out Shamanic Technology, Kursa & Skope…. Some heavy Bass going on there.

You get to perform all over the place, to crowds of all sizes. What’s your favourite venue/festival/event to play, and what makes it so special? Is there one country at the moment that’s more mental than all the others?

Spain! We’ve done some massive parties in Spain, and without a doubt they are the most mental! Some of the Raveart festivals out there have got to be some of our favourites to play.
We have also been lucky enough to play on the Arcadia Spectacular stage over the last few years which have been the best shows on our home turf….. check out the videos below from 2010 and 2013 when we collaborated with aerial performers and some of the best AV guys in the world to produce one of the highlights of Glastonbury!!

We bloody love a good music festival!! What would be your one tip, your most important bit of festival wisdom that you would impart to Funk and Filth readers?

Just go to hang out with your mates and have a filthy time, you might not always see the acts you want to see… but often you discover something new. And always take a loo roll!

Is there that one special, never-fail tune that you always have in your back pocket, ready to drop into a set to destroy the dancefloor?

Our tune Supafrequency always seems to be a winner. Its 8 years old now and still works a treat!!!

If you could trademark your own dance music genre, what would you call it?

We have gone through a load of genres since we started: hiphop and funk, which lead onto breaks. What are we doing now? Bumstep? Filthcore? Who gives a shit as long as its good tunes and they make people dance?!

You can do a back-to-back set or track/remix collaboration with any artist or DJ in the world. Literally anyone. Who would you pick?

We’re well into our dub so it would be amazing to make a tune with a legend like Lee Scratch Perry.

This is a big question now . . . not musically related but very very important to us! Footwear. What’s the coolest pair in your footlocker at the moment? Help us feed our footwear fetish!

Er..still rocking some Etnies that are a few years old! Have been saving since 1987 for a pair of the trainers out of Back to the Future 2 though..

Music production and DJing aren’t easy to be awesome at. What would be your one tip for an aspiring artist, DJ or producer? What is the most important thing to get good at?

Listening. Your ears are the best piece of equipment you can learn how to use.

. . . and finally, an important question, when you woke up this morning, were you feeling more funky, or more filthy? (Musically of course!)

Absolutely filthy for sure!


Game Control by the Freefall Collective is available now on Beatport. It's the perfect summing up of the Freefall sound. The original is full of energy and good vibes, but still manages to hit hard with dirty bass lines and beats.
The package also comes with an instrumental (for all the DJ's out there that prefer not to have vocals in their sets) and a Dub version.. and when we say Dub, we mean DUB. Not dubstep, Not brostep, not drumstep but... DUB. Playing heavily off MC Manics vocal, this version will have you skanking out like Lee Scratch Perry!

The first ever Funk and Filth club night hits London this summer!
Click here or the flyer below for more details & tickets.


1. Keep Dancing (Freefall Collective Remix) – Seed – The Pooty Club
2. Get Together feat Beatsmack – Black Blunt – Passenger
3. Renegade (Freefall Vocal Refix) – Freefall Collective – Rat Records
4. Rump (All Goodfunk Alliance Remix) - Ursula 1000 – ESL Music
5. Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Big Daddy Kane – Cold Chillin
6. 31 seconds / Crusader – Emalkay (DJ EDIT)
7. Ganjaman (Deekline's Swagger Jackin VIP mix feat Rubi Dan) – Freefall Collective- Rat Records UK
8. Rave – Zeds Dead – Mad Decent
9. Damage Funk (Freefall Collective Remix) – Mata – Music Dark Records
10. Game Control – Freefall Collective – Supafrequency
11. Game Control Dub – Freefall Collective - Supafrequency

Monday, 22 July 2013

Datadex - Exclusive Funk and Filth Re-Funk

Datadex are, without a doubt, amongst the funkiest fellas on the planet!

Party-starting DJs and remixers extraordinaire, the guys from Brisbane have been responsible for some of our all time favourite bassline anthems, which all helped to earn them a spot on the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame not so long ago! We're talking about tracks like their Datadex Edit of Coburn's We Interrupt this Program, and their truly awesome re-rub of Little Secrets by Passion Pit! And now, to add to this list of breaks masterpieces, we have the first Datadex exclusive re-funk for Funk and Filth, adding the Datadex breaks spin to the Noisey Freaks electro house stomper Bipolar!

The FREE DOWNLOAD is available below, alongside the latest Datadex mixtape, put together for the first lady of breaks, Lady Waks, at Record Club earlier this month! It's a monster of a set, and contains this brand new Funk and Filth Re-Funk in the mixer!

Fill your boots with the free downloads below, and if you're around Europe this summer you can catch Datadex here;
> 2nd August-Ravensburg Germany-Waldstock Festival
> 5th August-Ukraine-Kazantip Festival
> 6th August-Ukraine-Kazantip Festival TBC
> 7th August-Ukraine-Kazantip Festival
> 23rd August-Cherry Club-Wraclaw Poland TBC
> 31th August-Alter Ego-Szczecin Poland

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Krafty Kuts Remix Competition

Congratulations to Beatwrecka!!

Scroll down for full details of the competition and to listen to all the great entries!

Winner and 4 Runners-Up as follows:






Beatmaster extraordinaire, and arguably the funkiest, filthiest man on the planet, Krafty Kuts has just launched a brand new remix competition, to unearth some of the freshest remixing and producing talent out there!

THE WINNER will have their remix released via Krafty's awesome Instant Vibes label.
THE RUNNER-UP will have their remix released as an exclusive Funk and Filth Free Download and some signed Instant Vibes goodies - and as we helped REL1 to win the Best Free Track Award at Breakspoll 2013 with his exclusive Funk and Filth Re-Filth of Smack My Bitch Up, this could help get some serious exposure for the runner-up and, who knows, maybe another Breakspoll award too!

So how do you enter? Well here is the Krafty Kuts & Tim Deluxe track that you need to remix:

Competition Details

Krafty Kuts & Tim Deluxe - Move Your Body - Ft Mike G - Instant Vibes - KEY - Bm | BPM - 130
Copyright 2013 Instant Vibes Records - All Rights Reserved - Buy original track on Beatport here.

Click here to download the parts from Krafty Kuts Facebook page and remix the stems in any style you decide, when you are done complete the 3 steps below to submit your entry.

1. Upload your your finished track here to Krafty Kuts drop Box

2. Send an email to with your info.

3. Like and share your track on Krafty Kuts Facebook page.

• All 3 steps must be completed for entry to this competition.
• Winners and Runners-Up will be chosen by Krafty Kuts and Funk and Filth.
• Winning remix will be released by Instant Vibes Records.
• 1st Runner-up remix will be released as an exclusive free download via Funk and Filth and will win signed Let's Ride CD's and T-Shirts.
• 2nd Runner-up remix will win signed Let's Ride CD's and T-Shirts.

CLOSING DATE - 31.07.13 | WINNERS ANNOUNCED - 05.08.13

As you know here at Funk and Filth we pick out the very best in free bass music and share it with the world, and we helped Atlanta-based REL1 to the ultimate accolade earlier this year when his Funk and Filth endorsed Re-Filth of Smack My Bitch Up received the coveted Breakspoll award for Best Free Track . . . hopefully we can do something similar for the runner-up of Krafty's new remix competition!

Here is REL1 looking pretty chuffed with his Best Free Track award, and below is the free download of the award-winning track for your listening pleasure!

Krafty Kuts Remix Competition Entries So Far . . .

Best of the Best : July 2013

Half way through 2013 already?! How the hell did that happen??! There's clearly no time to waste, so without further ado here is this month's Best of the Best, the best of all our recent finds and what we will be listening to most throughout July! Most of it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD as well! Nice.

Check out our last few Best Of The Best posts using these links:
> April 2013
> May 2013
> June 2013

We've just about recovered enough from Glastonbury to be able to piece together the best free bass music out there, this month featuring the likes of: Featurecast, James D'Ley, Tigerlight, Born Ina Barn, Krafty Kuts and many more...

First from the funk furnace this month is the frankly awesome release from new Sugabeat signings Ying N Yang, who have teamed up with Mark Spence to release the Superbad Sisters EP containing two absolute breakbeat monsters! Superbad Sisters is our clear favourite - have a listen below and you'll see exactly why, it's dancefloor dynamite! Don't Stop aint half bad either, and to top it off there is a third FREE TRACK, their Busta Qwan Doe mash up, for you to download as well to celebrate their inaugural Sugabeat release! POW!

Funkatech's golden boy James D'Ley shows off his nimble fingaz in his brand new Allen + Heath routine! He'll be taking the Xone gadets on tour to Australia, Canada and around Europe at the end of the year to show off similar levels of baddassery!! Have a butchers at the vid right here.

Now some ridiculously exciting news!! Krafty Kuts has just launched a brand new remix competition with some awesome prizes for winners and runners up!! The winning remix, picked by Krafty, will be released on his Instant Vibes label, and one runner up - which Funk and Filth will be helping to pick - will be released as an EXCLUSIVE FUNK AND FILTH FREE DOWNLOAD, and as we helped REL1 scoop this year's Breakspoll award for Best Free Track this is certainly an exciting competition for the winner and the runner up! Full details of the competition can be found here.

This is a proper treat, and potentially the best thing to land in the Funk and Filth inbox this month! Broken beats, glitchy basslines, tight rhymes and some tidy production skills (basically everthing we love!) combine into this effortlessly cool EP from the Born Ina Barn boys. Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Swing, Glitch, Soul, whatever, it's fucking epic! The entire 8 track EP is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, or you can make a donation of your choice, which we strongly suggest that you do! It's the best free download you can spend money on! CLICK HERE for free download.

The one-man funk factory that is B-Phreak has unleashed another bang tidy mashup, and if there's one thing we know, it's that this fella can fling out some bassline mayhem to get the teeth grinding and the elbows swinging. Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD. Volume up to eleven. Let's have this!

What could possibly be better than a new remix from the Radical Mixtape crew? Errm, how about five new remixes from the funky fellas, including Funk and Filth favourites Detta and DJ B-Side! Have a listen, then head over to Juno to grab the download.

Six DJs and a shedload of baselines! What more could you ask for!? Oh, you want it to be a free mixtape to download too??? Well you're in luck, it is a FREE DOWNLOAD, get stuck in! The SickBot, Billy Onions, L8ter, DJ Sharted, Killakam and Synergy going back to back!

Riding high at the top of the playlist at Funk and Filth Towers this month is of course the new Funk and Filth EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD mixtape from none other than Dylan Sanders. And trust me, this mix gets the Funk and Filth seal of approval dribbled all over it!! ;) Grab your FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!

Bass music babe Tigerlight takes it back to the old school with the garagey vibe on her latest collaboration. This is proper time-travelling stuff, with her flawless vocals over some classic 2-step beats from Endor. FREE DOWNLOAD, do it.

You can always rely on Featurecast to provide some thumping tear-out funky breaks! And this latest offering is, as usual, FREE TO DOWNLOAD! Thanks FC!!

DJ Mixers: The Ultimate Guide

Our Funk and Filth Rogues' Gallery is open for business! Want to see your face alongside this funky filthy lot?
Send us your photos of you in your Funk and Filth gear! CLICK HERE for details!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Glastonbury 2013 - Another Monstrous One

Glastonbury 2013 was another 5 days of optimum ridiculousness, with hazy memories of all night tear-outs interspersed with surreal performances and chance encounters with awesome people! We wouldn't have it any other way!

There is way too much going on at Glastonbury for us to be able to give (or even remember!) a full review of everything we saw and heard, but here are the highlights that stand out from amongst the glorious stupidity that was Glastonbury 2013!!

RAM Records legend Andy C utterly destroyed the 60ft fire-breathing spider that has made the Arcadia stage infamous in recent years! Bungee-jumping circus performers, plumes of flame and some serious skank-out dance moves highlighted another textbook drum n bass set from Mr C.

Click here for FREE DOWNLOAD of Andy C - RAM Warehouse Mix Pt 1

Fresh from their standout performance alongside Snatch the Wax DJs at Run To The Sun festival one month ago, the Freerange DJs took to the Glade Lounge stage to an audience freshly warmed up by the talents of Will Streetwise, to deliver a welly-stomping, sunshine-summoning set of epic basslines. Exaclty what was needed to get Friday thumping along nicely!

Slamboree were the name on the line-up that were definitely not going to be missed!! Crazy outfits, illegal dance moves, and an array of super talented musicians and performers all combined to create an on stage performance that would have had health and safety staff creaming themselves! And with rhymes tighter than a pair of festival hotpants, vocalist Kathika and her merry band of nutcases drummed up an absolute storm at each one of their four performances! Simply brilliant.

As mentioned, there is no possible way we could mention every act we saw (and the ones we missed as well!), but massive shout outs to performances from Goldie, KOAN Sound, Rudimental, Atomic Hooligan, The Vaccines, The Rolling Stones (of course!), A.Skillz, Benji Boko, Elite Force, Stanton Warriors, Deekline and Ed Solo and massive respect to everyone else who was involved in any way whatsoever! Roll on Glastonbury 2014!!

The Funk and Filth crew were out in full force at Glastonbury 2013, with plenty of photos to come to add to the Funk and Filth Rogues' Gallery!
If you want to see your face alongside the funky filthy lot in the gallery, then send us your photos of you in your Funk and Filth gear!
for details!

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