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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Best of the Best : July 2013

Half way through 2013 already?! How the hell did that happen??! There's clearly no time to waste, so without further ado here is this month's Best of the Best, the best of all our recent finds and what we will be listening to most throughout July! Most of it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD as well! Nice.

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We've just about recovered enough from Glastonbury to be able to piece together the best free bass music out there, this month featuring the likes of: Featurecast, James D'Ley, Tigerlight, Born Ina Barn, Krafty Kuts and many more...

First from the funk furnace this month is the frankly awesome release from new Sugabeat signings Ying N Yang, who have teamed up with Mark Spence to release the Superbad Sisters EP containing two absolute breakbeat monsters! Superbad Sisters is our clear favourite - have a listen below and you'll see exactly why, it's dancefloor dynamite! Don't Stop aint half bad either, and to top it off there is a third FREE TRACK, their Busta Qwan Doe mash up, for you to download as well to celebrate their inaugural Sugabeat release! POW!

Funkatech's golden boy James D'Ley shows off his nimble fingaz in his brand new Allen + Heath routine! He'll be taking the Xone gadets on tour to Australia, Canada and around Europe at the end of the year to show off similar levels of baddassery!! Have a butchers at the vid right here.

Now some ridiculously exciting news!! Krafty Kuts has just launched a brand new remix competition with some awesome prizes for winners and runners up!! The winning remix, picked by Krafty, will be released on his Instant Vibes label, and one runner up - which Funk and Filth will be helping to pick - will be released as an EXCLUSIVE FUNK AND FILTH FREE DOWNLOAD, and as we helped REL1 scoop this year's Breakspoll award for Best Free Track this is certainly an exciting competition for the winner and the runner up! Full details of the competition can be found here.

This is a proper treat, and potentially the best thing to land in the Funk and Filth inbox this month! Broken beats, glitchy basslines, tight rhymes and some tidy production skills (basically everthing we love!) combine into this effortlessly cool EP from the Born Ina Barn boys. Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Swing, Glitch, Soul, whatever, it's fucking epic! The entire 8 track EP is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, or you can make a donation of your choice, which we strongly suggest that you do! It's the best free download you can spend money on! CLICK HERE for free download.

The one-man funk factory that is B-Phreak has unleashed another bang tidy mashup, and if there's one thing we know, it's that this fella can fling out some bassline mayhem to get the teeth grinding and the elbows swinging. Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD. Volume up to eleven. Let's have this!

What could possibly be better than a new remix from the Radical Mixtape crew? Errm, how about five new remixes from the funky fellas, including Funk and Filth favourites Detta and DJ B-Side! Have a listen, then head over to Juno to grab the download.

Six DJs and a shedload of baselines! What more could you ask for!? Oh, you want it to be a free mixtape to download too??? Well you're in luck, it is a FREE DOWNLOAD, get stuck in! The SickBot, Billy Onions, L8ter, DJ Sharted, Killakam and Synergy going back to back!

Riding high at the top of the playlist at Funk and Filth Towers this month is of course the new Funk and Filth EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD mixtape from none other than Dylan Sanders. And trust me, this mix gets the Funk and Filth seal of approval dribbled all over it!! ;) Grab your FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!

Bass music babe Tigerlight takes it back to the old school with the garagey vibe on her latest collaboration. This is proper time-travelling stuff, with her flawless vocals over some classic 2-step beats from Endor. FREE DOWNLOAD, do it.

You can always rely on Featurecast to provide some thumping tear-out funky breaks! And this latest offering is, as usual, FREE TO DOWNLOAD! Thanks FC!!

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  1. Thanks for the support!
    The MTG sessions are always fun to work on. More to come.

    -DJ Sharted

  2. love it!!!(L8ter)


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